Firstly, let me clear up my position, I am a new business hunter.  A1WebStats is one of a number tools I use to help me deliver new business opportunities to a sales ready state.  Clients engage with me to drive new business.  I am not an account holder with A1WebStats, but a number of my clients are.

Why do I recommend A1WebStats?

Having reviewed many solutions, I found this system to be quick and simple to roll out.  It has great functionality and is easily customisable for each clients’ needs, it is cost effective, and by that I don’t mean cheap, I have found cheaper and more expensive, more that you get a lot of return for the cost of the solution and this is because it delivers a good ratio of identified visitors back to you from the visiting addresses.  You can identify a good solid percentage of your web traffic.

Now comes the stumbling block for many, identifying who visited your website is a great sales heads up, but you now have to engage with those prospects if you want to convert to revenue and make A1WebStats work for your business.  To give you an idea, my largest deal identified via A1WebStats to date is £1.5m, and I have identified, engaged and won opportunities – many sitting in the 6 figure revenue level.

A1WebStats is a great tool, a perfect partner for those looking to engage in new account/business acquisition.  Remember that new account acquisition is a relay, and A1WebStats is a good first stage runner, just make sure your new business process has a hand over stage and conversation/engagement process and you will soon see how A1WebStats is a “no brainer” in terms of ROI as a partner and tool for your new business acquisition process.