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What the hell is A1WebStats?

A software tool, plus expert insights that:

  1. Highlight where you are losing potential business from your website visitors.
  2. Shows you the names of identifiable companies that visited your website (and what they looked at page by page).
  3. Helps you measure return on investment from marketing activities.


What’s the link to Coronavirus?

Before Coronavirus, the vast majority of business websites were failing to convert enough visitors to enquiries/sales.

We’ve been banging that drum for so many years, but because businesses were ‘doing OK’, squeezing more results from website visitors hadn’t been a priority.

Coronavirus has given most businesses a huge wake-up call because levels of website visitors have been lower, and buyers won’t commit to much at this stage (April 2020).

There are too many businesses who really do think that everything will return to normal when restrictions are lifted.   They are the ostriches and we have a view about them …


The Lion and the Ostrich

Much of this will come as no surprise if you’ve absorbed Operation Protect from the EC.

Is your business currently a lion or an ostrich?

Lion businesses are those who use this time NOW to ensure they are stronger than they were before COVID-19.

Ostrich businesses are those with their heads in the sand, thinking that business will return to the way it was before COVID-19.

Lion businesses will take advantage of Ostrich businesses, preparing to take as much business as possible from the ostriches.

Lion taking advantage of ostrich

You may think that the image above is crude/disgusting.

Or it may make you chuckle.

But it’s a necessary image to get across an important message: the lions are going to take full advantage of the ostriches who spend too long with their heads in the sand.

To avoid being an ostrich, and to keep that lion away from your business, carry on reading …


A simple test

If you have Google Analytics, you can do a simple test yourself, purely to demonstrate how far off you are from having a website that is strong enough to make more people enquire/buy from you …

  1. Choose a product or service that you have on your website.
  2. Select a time period (we’d suggest 1st – 14th February, a time before the business impacts of COVID-19 started to become significant).
  3. Use Google Analytics to see how many visitors you had to that part of your website.
  4. Compare that number of visitors to the number of enquiries you got about that product or service. Express that as a percentage.
  5. Ask yourself whether that percentage is acceptable. Generally, it isn’t.


What’s going to happen after COVID-19 is over

In times when business was OK or good (pre COVID-19), most businesses didn’t focus enough attention on the numbers of people who DIDN’T make contact after looking at services or products on their websites.

All the time that enquiries and sales were happening, such things didn’t seem so important.

But they’re important now.

During this crisis, many businesses are going to use the quieter period to be constructive.

YOUR competitors could be busily making their websites and marketing strategies stronger than they currently are.

The clever businesses will be preparing for the day when everything returns to whatever ‘normal’ is at that time, and then they’ll unleash their new, revitalised, focus.

The clever businesses will know that there will be a domino effect, where high levels of worldwide unemployment and economic uncertainty will have a knock-on effect onto the majority of business sectors.

The people who have less to spend will impact the sellers who aren’t making those extra sales, which carries on like the virus the world is trying to get away from.

Think that’s not true?

Here’s a simple example:

A person has no job, or reduced income.

They won’t buy that car they wanted.

The car manufacturers won’t be needing so many parts from their suppliers.

Their suppliers won’t be needing the raw materials to make the parts.

The raw material suppliers won’t have as much money to buy from their own suppliers.

The example could be anything else, but it all links back to people and businesses having less budget to spend.

Put simply, there will definitely be people/companies who are buying less, and that will have a knock-on effect.

Those businesses with low website visitors to enquiries/sales ratios will see those ratios decline even further, in line with their competitors having a stronger focus that increases their enquiries and sales.

Those businesses that think they can market themselves out of trouble are sadly mistaken – the website needs to be strong enough to convert the marketing to enquiries and sales.

It’s critically important to prepare to be a winner (a lion) and not a loser (the ostrich with its head in the sand).

Taking action now will:

  1. Help you get more enquiries from website visitors short-term.
  2. Create you a much stronger online position for when the world of business returns to normality.


The solution

Our solution will help you to strengthen your online presence short-term and longer-term.

It’ll help you make the most of the time during short-term lack of business, while building strength for the future.


What we give you for free

Here’s the good news: what we offer is totally free for 90 days and you have a choice to continue afterwards.

You also never get a sales pitch from us.   Feel free to ask Michelle Squire at the EC – she knows our culture inside out.


The A1WebStats software

This is yours totally free for 90 days.

A1WebStats is a website visitors analytics tool that enables you to gain an understanding of where a website may not be performing as well as it could be, leading to loss of enquiries and sales.

That awareness leads to positive action that helps you gain more results from your website visitors.

It’s not Google Analytics. It’s better.

It also allows you to see the names of companies that visit your website, and what they looked at page by page.

Obviously, that’s more relevant when staff are actively back in their normal workplace, and so is more muted during the peak of COVID-19.

But you will still see companies visiting your website, as this example from recently shows ..

Companies summary during COVID-19

You will also see what each individual company looked at page by page, as in this example …

Companies detail during COVID-19

That information is totally free to you during your 90 days, hopefully a time period during which more people are able to go back to work in their normal place of work.

When you know the name of a company that visited your webite,  you can follow up with them (because there’s an interest from someone within each company).  You still have to work out the best person/people to contact of course, as unfortunately, it’s not possible to identify the individuals from each company.

The biggest benefit of your 90 day free trial though deserves a section all of its own …


Free website success consultancy

During your free 90 day trial of A1WebStats, we offer you a free screenshare call with one of our website success experts.

That call takes you through your website visitors data and highlights the following:

  1. Products or services pages that aren’t gaining you enough enquiries/sales.
  2. What you need to do on your website in order to increase enquiries and sales of your products or services.
  3. Areas of your marketing that may be weak (for example, Google Ads spend that’s not resulting in enquiries or sales).

Even though your website visitor numbers will have decreased due to COVID-19, the following will still be happening:

  1. SOME people will be visiting your website and showing interest in what you have to offer.
  2. A FEW of those people may be ready to buy, or at least have a discussion.
  3. NOT MANY of those people will be identifiable by company name (short-term, but will increase over time), because so many people will be working from home.  But, they will still be ‘company people’.

What matters is that you fully impress those website visitors that you DO get, so that you get the enquiry/sale instead of a competitor who has a stronger website.

Your website visitors WILL include ‘company people’ who are accessing your website from remote locations so it’s critical to impress them as much as possible.

The free website success consultancy highlights what we, and your website visitors data, recommend that you need to do with your website.

Yes, you will have to implement some changes, but those are often relatively small website changes.

You may be thinking:

“we haven’t got any budget for a web developer to make changes”.

Your web developer is likely thinking:

“my customers aren’t buying at the moment so I need to be more flexible, such as offering payment options spread over a longer period of time”.

Between what you may be thinking (no budget) and what your web developer is thinking (no work), there will be answers if you have that conversation.

If your web developer is not co-operative, then contact us – we will be able to put you in contact with people who are more flexible and who understand the importance of everyone needing to pull together.


The end goal of the 90 day free trial

While accepting that your ‘potential buyers’ are likely to be more muted during the COVID-19 crisis, the key objectives are:

  1. Find opportunities to make your website stronger, so that you convert more visitors to enquiries short-term.
  2. For you to capitalise on knowledge of identifiable companies that have been to your website.
  3. For you to have an ongoing list of website development activities that you can implement, putting YOUR website in a stronger position than competitors, ready for when we get to the point where the world returns to normal business.


Why are EC members getting 90 days?

Normal triallers get 30 free days.  That’s typically enough to show the benefits of continuing with A1WebStats afterwards.

Abnormal triallers (we think it’s fair to say that EC members are abnormal, and that to be taken as a compliment!) get 90 days.

We’ve been in the EC for a long time and have benefited from the EC itself and also other members.

We want to give something back.

90 days instead of 30 days is our biggest giveaway ever, and is reserved for those who we believe will properly capitalise on what’s available.

We don’t believe that 10% discounts and similar offers have much value.

We believe that people want to experience the benefit of what we offer – at zero cost.
That leads onto …

What happens after the free A1WebStats trial?

You have two choices here ..

Choice 1

Act on the free website consultancy expertise and website visitors data shared with you, so that your website can gain you more enquiries from visitors.

Say ‘thank you’ nicely to us and go no further than the free trial.


Choice 2

Continue using the A1WebStats system (and our expertise when needed) via a monthly subscription (for 96% of our customers (who have less than 7,000 visitors per month), that’s £59 per month).

That includes seeing the names of companies visiting your website, which will increase over time, as the impact of COVID-19 subsides.

It also includes us caring about you getting more results from your website visitors and helping you to achieve that ongoing.

And here’s more good news – there are no contracts – you can carry on using A1WebStats for as long as you want to and can cancel instantly at any time in the future.

Important: at no point during or after an A1WebStats trial will we ever sales pitch you to continue afterwards. Our focus is on supplying extra resources to help those that need the most assistance.


Sign up for your free 90 day trial

Our normal signup page is for 30 day triallers.

You’re getting 90 days, and we need to know who you are.

All you have to do is email with a subject line of: Yes, I’m an EC member and would like the super-duper 90 day free trial.

In your email, please include your contact details so that we can send you details of your trial account login details, plus our tracking code that you’ll need to get added to your website (it’s an easy 2 minute job).   Details we need are:

  1. Your name
  2. Your company name
  3. Your company website address
  4. Best details to contact you on (email/phone)



Any questions?

You may be interested in finding out more about the many ways that the A1WebStats system guarantees to get your more results from your website visitors. You can find out more about that on our page here.

You may also have other questions so please do use any of the methods on our contact page and we’ll be happy to help.