Complaints on this page (as at 11th July 2019): 13

At A1WebStats we gain a lot of our new customers from businesses that have:

  1. Trialled Lead Forensics but don’t want to pay those inflated costs/want a product that achieves more.
  2. Previously paid for Lead Forensics, realised it wasn’t as wonderful as they thought it would be, and came to us.

Lead Forensics and others try to convince you that seeing companies that visited your website is some sort of magic answer that will generate you tons more business.

Such software (which is included within the A1WebStats system) does have its uses, BUT it clouds what the real issues are.

We’d encourage you to view our page that focuses on the myths around companies chasing and why it will ultimately damage your business (and why A1WebStats genuinely benefits your business):

Feel free to click on that link – it’ll open up in a fresh tab so you won’t lose this page – then you can look at it later.

Onto the meat of the page – complaints about Lead Forensics and their spammy tactics …

The biggest success factor for Lead Forensics is their relentless pushing potential customers into becoming triallers and buyers.

At the same time, that’s their biggest failure, leading to people making complaints about their seemingly endless pushing them to try their product.

This page isn’t about the pros and cons of the Lead Forensics product – it’s about what real people complain about them.

People complaining using platforms such as Twitter, for example.  If you went to look at Lead Forensics on Twitter, you’ll likely find it hard to find complaints about them – this is because they try to drown those out by posting a load of other stuff on Twitter.

So we’re here to help you focus on those complaint tweets and more.

This is an ever-evolving page where we’ll keep posting the most recent complaints that have been voiced about Lead Forensics, as we feel it’s important for businesses to be fully aware of what is effectively this tactic:

  1. Hound people until they trial Lead Forensics.
  2. Encourage them to buy from the trial.
  3. Lock them into a 12 month contract.
  4. Keep them away from providers such as us (A1WebStats) who provide a month to month payment with no contract.

On with the examples.  If you have anything you’d like us to consider adding to these, please do contact us

Lead Forensics spam via Twitter – 4th December 2018

Nice touch from @kilfrew, including the link to Monty Pythons Spam –

Lead Forensics spam review December 2018


Lead Forensics telling off – 23rd November 2018

We’ve all had those sort of sales calls – where the spamming caller panics at getting nowhere …

Lead Forensics telesales review November 2018


Lead Forensics review – 28th October 2018

1 star review was probably being too kind.  3+ years hounding. Ouch!

Lead Forensics hounding review October 2018


Lead Forensics complaint via Twitter – 2nd October 2018

This complaint implies that Lead Forensics are in clear breach of GDPR regulations …



Lead Forensics complaint via Twitter – 1st October 2018

The reason that Lead Forensics constant cold call is because it sometimes gets results.   From many cold calls come one victim, locked into 12 months of buyers remorse contract.  Not that it’s right to cold call of course, as the complaint below highlights.




Lead Forensics complaint via Twitter – 27th September 2018

We’ve heard this before many times (fictitious recommendations).  Just one of the sales tactics used.





Lead Forensics complaint via Twitter – 18th September 2018

Apparently, Lead Forensics (according to them) are on the right side of the ICO.  Complaints like this and others imply that either they are telling porkies or the ICO is blind to what’s going on.




Lead Forensics complaint via Twitter – 3rd August 2018

Well, at least they’re showing interest in taking this company off their hit list …



Lead Forensics complaint via Twitter – 11th July 2018

Yet more empty words from a Lead Forensics person, clearly unaware what ‘total satisfaction’ actually means …





Lead Forensics complaint via Twitter – 6th July 2018

Just one of many examples of Lead Forensics pretending that the experience with them is normally different (when it’s clearly not) …





Lead Forensics complaint via Twitter – 29th June 2018

Lead Forensics don’t just phone spam people, they also use email.  Multiple emails sent to someone over a month, demonstrating lack of respect for the inbox of recipients …




Lead Forensics complaint via Twitter – 6th June 2018

Someone fed up with Lead Forensics ringing them daily and having to resort to Twitter to get their attention …



Lead Forensics review – 1st September 2017

Pretending they’ve got an appointment with someone in a company that has just the one employee.  Classic!

Lead Forensics complaint September 2017