This article in brief

  • Companies blame Brexit for weaker levels of business.
  • However, they’re not focusing on the true problem.
  • If they focused on the true problem and worked with their agencies/web developers/marketers, then they’d have a lot more business.


The blinkered view

Here at A1WebStats we have a lot of customers who are:

  1. Direct customers
  2. Customers of digital agencies who white label our system.

Most of those customers focus on just one aspect of what A1WebStats gives them:

Names of companies that have visited their website and what they looked at page by page.

They start with a view like this …

A1WebStats visiting companies summary view

And then view the detail of what each company looked at page by page.  Like this …

Example of an A1WebStats company visitor

While that has some value (allowing them to follow up with companies that haven’t made contact with them), it’s also crippling, as is too much focus on Brexit …


Blame Brexit for everything

[Disclaimer: we hold no affinity to any political party and, to be honest think the world would be a better place if a modern day Guy Fawkes wiped the slate clean].

It’s easy to blame Brexit for having a negative knock-on effect to businesses that find themselves in a weaker position than they want to be in.

It’s also bollocks and a convenient scapegoat for ignorance and incompetence.

While it’s true to say that (overall), levels of visitors to websites have been declining over the past two years (based on data from thousands of our users, built up over the past few years),  it’s also relevant to say:

If website visitors are declining, then what are you doing about converting (to enquiries and sales) more of the website visitors that you DO have?

The fundamental problem is NOT Brexit.

It’s mindset.

The mindset of businesses who are blind to what is right in front of them.

Plus (sadly, too often) the mindset of agencies who need to take the lead, gaining more business in the process …


Blind to the opportunities

Let’s say that Brexit didn’t exist.

Companies would still be losing huge amounts of potential business from websites and marketing that underperforms.

It’s fair to say that there are a few reasons that companies are not focused on website visitors data that matters …

  1. The people that care about revenues (typically the senior management/owners) are running around crazily busy like ecstasy-infused hamsters running on their wheels.
  2. Some people within their business do not have the skills/mindset to think deeper than they do. Sometimes genuinely blissfully unaware.   Sometimes not. We hate to use the C-word but there are also people in businesses that are cancerous to the welfare of their employer and yet hold titles such as Marketing Manager/Director/Executive, when they couldn’t market food & water to a 10 mile motorway traffic tailback.
  3. Complacency – companies that are ‘comfortable’ and have no concept that their competitors are becoming stronger and will bite them on the arse and push their business into perpetual decline.

You can’t do much about point 3 above.  It’s sad, but we’ve seen larger companies die from complacency, thrashed by their smaller competitors who focus on data that matters.


So what’s the data that matters, and what does this have to do with agencies?

Agencies have brilliant people who can work wonders with websites and online marketing.

The problem is that most clients of agencies see them as something they have to pay out for, rather than as a partner.

That’s one of the reasons we created the ability for agencies to white label A1WebStats – to create a lose-win-win-win-win situation …

  • Lose – the agency uses A1WebStats to identify website visitor data patterns that the client company should be aware of.  It’s a lose because the client company is losing potential business.
  • Win – the agency, having suggested improvement potential, get the paid work to make it better.
  • Win – the client company gets higher enquiries and sales because of the improvements.
  • Win – the agency gets the opportunity to share more insights with the client company and gets more paid work.
  • Win – the client company recommends the agency onto their own contacts, deliriously happy with the results they’re getting.

Without wanting to make it look like too much like a sales pitch (you can see a lot more information about our 60 day free white labelling trial for agencies here), there is a fundamental problem …

  1. Clients of agencies are losing potential business from their website visitors all day every day.
  2. Agencies find it hard to get across that message, without it seeming like an excuse for them to get more paid work.


An example

Here’s a typical example (using real data) of how an agency would utilise white labelled A1WebStats as a route to making agency clients more successful while gaining paid work and a stronger ‘partnership’ relationship in the process …

The starting point

Reach out to the client with the simple question and statement of:

What product/service would you like more enquiries about?  We will provide you with some free feedback that will help you.

Let’s say the client responds saying (using our example data): “we want more enquiries from people who want liquid filling machines for their food & drink products (people who get to the website section


Data filtering

You now have the desire of the client company.

Using A1WebStats you discover that there were a total of 409 visitors who got to that part of the website during the last month.

Universal Filling example 1

You know that the client doesn’t do business with companies from the USA, so you filter the data to exclude USA visitors and end up with 327 visitors:

Universal Filling example 2

You then further filter the white labelled A1WebStats data to show only the identifiable companies that got to that part of the website.  For example:

Universal Filling example 3

By providing that information to the client company you’re effectively saying:

  1. Did those visiting companies make contact with you?
  2. If they didn’t make contact:
    1. Maybe their purchase decision is longer-term
    2. Maybe your website didn’t resonate with them
    3. You can still try to reach out to that company to see if you can salvage something from their visit.

In our experience, point 2b is the biggest and most common factor, while point 2c is only successful if the client company sales people are good enough.


Focus on the real picture

Regardless of whether they can be identified by company name, you still have 327 visitors who got to the food & drink section …

Universal Filling example 2

Just because many of them can’t be identified, doesn’t mean the data is invalid.  Take this one for example …

Uni filling 4


That visitor couldn’t be identified by company name (80-90% of website visitors can’t be identified by company name) but they came in via Google Ads, were clearly interested in filling food & drink (soup, specifically), and looked at relevant pages.

If those people didn’t make contact then there is no action to take except ask the client company the important question:

How many enquiries were gained compared to the relevant number of visitors to that part of the website?

What’s happening here is a drip-feed of negativity that leads to positive outcomes.

So far, we’re saying:

  1. 327 of visitors to that part of the website were relevant
  2. Of those, some could be identified as companies, but in reality, many of those companies didn’t make contact.
  3. So there’s a problem!


Deeper analysis

The seed has been sown that the client company is losing lots of potential business.

The majority of that lost potential business has nothing to do with Brexit.

It’s all related to one of three factors:

  1. Weak website focus.
  2. Weak advertising (e.g. misaligned Google Ads).
  3. A combination of the above.

So it’s time to dig deeper into the data.

We then find (from the A1WebStats data) that 237 of the 327 (72%) visitors to came from outside the UK.

Of those 237, 183 (77%) went no further than the page they landed on.

Here’s an example:

Universal Filling example 5

So we know that 72% of the traffic to that page came from outside the UK and we also know that 77% of those actually landed on and went no further than that page.

If you’ve read this far then pause for a second and look at that page url and ask yourself: why would so many overseas visitors go no further than that page?

We know, you won’t bother, but just to give you a chance, you’ll have to scroll down a bit to get to the next part of this page!










Keep scrolling ….










We’d be fascinated in what you came up with.

There could be a few factors, but the main factor would be:

There is nothing on that page that shouts out the important message to overseas visitors:

Click here to see case studies/testimonials related to customers of machines we’ve supplied to businesses worldwide, including your part of the world.  And hey, when you’ve looked at those examples/case studies, you’ll be super-impressed that we’ve already done work for people in your part of the world and so you are more likely to further engage with our website and then make contact with us.


Where you step in as the agency

You have the data.

You have the client that has pain points, further reinforced by data.

You come up with the answers (assisted by the data).

You offer that to the client.

The client can’t deny the problem (it’s backed up by data – not you as the agency trying to get more money from them!) and gives you the go ahead to make a difference.

You create that difference.

Your client gets more business.

You then replicate the successful concept to other parts of the website.

Your client gets more business.

You’re all happy that results are being gained.


Brexit, laziness, and stupidity

As we hope we’ve illustrated with this example, most agency clients, and potential agency clients (yes, you can use white labelled A1WebStats as a lead-generation tool as well) are losing potential business.

OK, maybe partially impacted by Brexit, but there are still a hell of a lot of other visitors to their website that are not converting to enquiries and sales.

The answers are in the data.

The data is within A1WebStats.

Your clients aren’t asking the right questions of their people and their website visitors data.

Their internal staff often have no concept of the right questions to be asking.

It’s your duty – and future flow of paid work – to help  your client company be as successful as they can be.

You (and data to support you) are the missing ingredient.


As if you needed a reminder …

Take a look at our white labelling page.

Or just reach out via with a subject line of: “Hey, tell me more about this A1WebStats thing”.

If you’re really old school then pick up the phone and call us on 01227 251251 because it’s the quickest way to get your questions answered.