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If identifiable companies have been to your website and their movements through your website indicate that they’re good prospects for you, then LinkedIn can help you make contact with them in a way that they find less threatening than a direct phone call.


LinkedIn quick contacts

Within the A1WebStats system, many companies have a ‘Connections’ link, which will take you to LinkedIn, identifying people who are currently at that company or have worked there previously (which can sometimes be useful if they’re known contacts).

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If you don’t see a Connections link you can still copy/paste the company name into LinkedIn to see employees of that company.

What works quite well is to use the LinkedIn filtering bar to filter company employees down to those that match certain parameters.  For example, entering ‘marketing’ into the ‘Keywords’ or ‘Title’ fields as shown in the example below.

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Further filtering the LinkedIn results will be particularly useful when the visiting company is larger.

When you have a list of employees that could potentially have been visitors to your website you then simply do the following at a fast pace (you may prefer to allocate this daily job to someone else who may be logged into your LinkedIn profile):

  1. Click on each employee profile
  2. Click back again to the list
  3. Click on the next employee profile
  4. And continue until the end
  5. Job done (for now).

Each day you (or someone you allocate the job to) should check who has visited your LinkedIn profile in the previous day.  This is because some people’s natural curiosity will make them want to click on the profiles of people who they see have visited their LinkedIn profile.  When they do that, you can then open up the conversation (e.g. via an InMail) saying similar to:

“Hello [their name],

It probably wasn’t you personally, but we picked up that someone from [your company name here] came to our website [website name] on [date] and looked at our pages about [details here].

Would you know who that could have been as I’d be interested in talking with them?

Thank you in anticipation that you can help.

[Your name]”

That text could be cut and pasted in easily, tweaking the editable parts as necessary.

Realistically, the hit rate you’ll get is still only going to be perhaps 1 in 10, but if you create a standard process that anyone can undertake, then it doesn’t have to become a job that takes up your own time – and the outcome could be highly beneficial.

Obviously, you could of course instead directly connect with/contact the people you find on LinkedIn but, being a more direct approach, it’s not as subtle as the approach above.

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LinkedIn gradual nurturing

Other ways of utilising LinkedIn would be finding contacts within companies and slowly ‘nurturing’ them (e.g. responding to comments they’ve made in LinkedIn groups so that they get to know who you are).

Another option is to see if your LinkedIn connections are connected to people in the company that has visited your website.  It’s possible (although rare) that a conversation with your connection may get you a ‘foot in the door’.

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