We get asked this question a lot!

You’ll have noticed that although we refer to Lead Forensics in our website, they don’t ever refer to us.  This is quite simply because they understand that although there are some differences between the systems, most businesses are savvy enough to weigh up the costs vs benefits, and decide to buy from us.

We wouldn’t pretend that we’re as pretty as Lead Forensics (yet – we’re working on that!) but a large number of our paying subscribers started off as trials of Lead Forensics, wanting to see how we could offer similar but at a lower cost and no contract lock-in.  Large numbers of those go on to buy through us (and indeed, some do decide that Lead Forensics better suited their requirements).

Our recommendation is for you to try a few different systems in parallel.   Apart from us and Lead Forensics, there are people like IPFingerprint and Wow Analytics, plus many more.   While it may create a time overhead for you, we feel it’s a worthwhile investment in order to get the right solution for you.

We have produced a specific page on our website that also answers this question in more detail.