Redblu Graphics & Displays are printers in Scotland who provide services in four key areas; Exhibition Stands, Portable displays, Creative Graphics and Print Solutions.

They used A1WebStats on their previous website, which needed to provide more enquiries. They had looked at another analytics solution but wanted something more cost-effective. After installing the free 30 day trial they quickly identified a company that had visited their website, that looked at certain pages, and that was a potential buyer. They made contact with that company, converted them to a paying customer, and chose to invest in A1WebStats for the year ahead at the discounted rate (which is an option, although most subscribers pay month to month).

In short, using the system initially for free led to business that paid for the system after their free trial. This is quite common amongst trial subscribers who often capitalise on knowing which companies visited their website (and what they looked at). In fact, it’s practically impossible for any business to use the free 30 days trial and NOT gain information that pays for the software over and over.

David Stewart said:

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for creating a fantastic system.

We were looking at a competitor system and googled to see if there was a more cost-effective solution, which is when we came across the article you wrote comparing the two, which was very insightful and easy to understand. It was a no-brainer to sign up for a free month trial with no tie in.

Loading the code was straightforward and we began looking at the information coming back and we were most interested in which companies were finding us on the search results, which pages they landed on and where they went within our website. Our previous website was old and needing to be rebuilt so didn’t convert as many views to enquiries or sales. Suddenly, we could see who found us and might be interested in what we offer and we could be reactive to those who didn’t make contact with us.

During the trial period and feeling adventurous, I sent an introductory email to one of those visiting companies and within 24 hours had converted a new customer, which paid for the system for a year! Fantastic. Now we have signed up for the longer term making savings on the month to month and are reviewing how our website visitors interact with our site. Lots of work to do but building a website asset is a long term game and your system is critical to the success of our website and business going forward.

Thanks again,