Armchair trialled A1Webstats, along with other web analytics software providers, for a 30 day period. At the end of the trial, data on web visitors was compared. It soon became apparent that the quality and breadth of the data captured by A1Webstats exceeded all of the competition – despite costing much less.

The level of support during the trial phase was impeccable. Andy from A1Webstats offered to give me a virtual tour of the platform, demonstrating many powerful features and assisting with the creation of custom reports.

Armchair have immediately benefited from the service. Under-performing campaigns and web pages are now easily identified using the platform. The best part is that it’s now easy to identify those sales targets that have visited our website on several occasions (but without making contact), giving us the option to target those warm prospects. A1Webstats is now an integral component of our companies marketing strategy.

David Rolf