Knight Optical are a business that went from A1WebStats to Lead Forensics and then back to A1WebStats again.

They originally used A1WebStats in the way that it’s supposed to be used – to dig deeper into website visitor patterns, including return on investment from Google Ads.

They also used A1WebStats to follow up on identifiable companies that had been to their website.

Then they had the misfortune that happens to many businesses: they employed someone in a marketing role, who had their own ideas and made great promises about what they could achieve.

At that time they decided to move to Lead Forensics, which cost them a huge amount more budget than their A1WebStats subscription.   They also stopped the analysis of ROI from marketing and made various other changes that turned out to be bad decisions.

Eventually the business saw sense and parted ways with the person that had brought them much pain.

They are now back with A1WebStats, fully utilising the wider functionality of our system, and will never make the same mistake again.

Here is what Mike Sharpe of Knight Optical said …

It was utter madness.  We were spending a ridiculous amount of budget on Lead Forensics, having been seduced by the so-called ability to see the people who had visited our website.   What a load of rubbish – all it gave us was the ability to pay extra to see the contact details of people in those businesses, but they weren’t actually the people who had visited – just information that we could have found elsewhere.

Worse than that, lack of analysis of what should have mattered (conversions from our sizeable Google Ads budget) and too much focus on dead end paths of marketing, had a heavy impact on the business.

Lead Forensics is dangerous in that it encourages people to focus purely on following up with companies that visited their website.   While that has value, it’s far too costly compared to A1WebStats, which gives us information about visiting companies AND a lot more functionality that helps us get more results from our website and marketing. 

I see Lead Forensics as being an expensive one-trick pony and A1WebStats as being like a Swiss army knife.

We’re now moving forwards and hope that my feedback will help other businesses to avoid making the mistake of focusing on the wrong type of data.