Metcalfe Briggs are Chartered Surveyors who cover London, Kent, and Essex.

Companies that visit the website are existing clients, potential clients, and competitors. Metcalfe Briggs look at every company who visited to determine what that means to them.

When a company has made contact, they can refer back to what brought that company to the website. When existing clients go to the website, Metcalfe Briggs can see that ongoing interaction. When potential clients have been to the website but haven’t made contact, decisions can be made about whether the website needs to be further strengthened, plus also contact can be attempted with the company that visited but didn’t make contact.

Karen Mitchell said:

I have been using A1WebStats for some time now and it has enhanced my understanding of how SEO works and the benefit which it brings to our business.

On a daily basis I look at the web stats for our website to see who has been looking at our website, what pages they were looking at and the keywords which were used to get to our website. From this I can build a picture of where we need to focus our SEO on, the geographical location/area we need to concentrate on to obtain more business from, and to also understand what part of our business needs to be developed more.

When we get new enquiries I can link them back to the time, the date, and what pages on our website they looked at. The rest is down to us to convert it to a job. With existing clients it is always good to know that they have still got us in mind and are looking at our website, especially when we can see that they are looking at the new case studies which we are regularly uploading as part of keeping our website updated with all the work we’ve been doing for clients.

The A1WebStats support team have been there every step of the way to explain how the web stats work and more importantly, how we can use the information which we have obtained in order to take our business forward.