Quick guide to why you should white label A1WebStats

You’ve got loyal customers.

You’ve got less-engaged customers.

… And you may want more customers.

This brief video explains how white labelling A1WebStats helps you and your customers to gain more business.

A totally free 60 days white label of A1WebStats lets you:

  • Automatically give customers & prospects details of companies that visited their websites (including what they looked at page by page).
  • Identify ways that websites and marketing can become stronger, which results in more business for your customers and potentially more paid work for you.
  • Ensure the loyalty & revenue generation from current customers, while nurturing new future potential customers.

You can see a lot more about the specific functionality within A1WebStats by clicking here.

If you want to jump straight to white labeller pricing (after your free 60 days), you can see that here.



Who could be a white labeller?

We have two groups of white labellers – typical white labellers and other types of white labellers.

Here are those two groups in more detail …


Typical white labellers

The majority of our white labellers are those who provide web-related services to clients, and who want to provide more of those services.

From individual web developers through to full service digital agencies, these are the types of services offered by most of our white labellers:

Web development – using skills to ensure that clients have a stronger online presence than their competitors, leading to higher levels of enquiries.

SEO/paid traffic – driving traffic to client websites.

Conversion optimisation – using analytics data to identify patterns of how visitors use the website, leading to beneficial changes being made.

Email marketing – A1WebStats helps to go beyond the click to show how each email clicker then moved through the client website.

Social media – generation of traffic via social media channels.

Content creation – creating content designed to drive traffic to the website and keep those website visitors engaged with the website after landing.



Other types of white labellers

Our white labellers aren’t always exclusively offering web-related services.

Here are some other types of business that resell/white label A1WebStats:

Marketing service providers – people that offer a service to clients and who want to demonstrate return on investment as well as further opportunities that are uncovered within data.

Consultants – these come in many variations.  Sales, marketing, business efficiencies … the list of consultancy types are extensive.  Most consultants, who want clients to benefit more from their website visitors traffic, would get great value from white labelling A1WebStats.

Accountants – accountants have clients that have various pain points, including the need to gain more sales.  White labelling A1WebStats helps accountants to offer an enhanced service to clients.

IT support providers – this industry sector traditionally has a tough time gaining new clients.  White labelling A1WebStats provides them with an easier entry point to future clients.

Online directories – we have white labellers that sell advertising of their customers within their online directories.  White labelling A1WebStats provides another level of service that their clients benefit from as part of the package.


Whatever type of business you are in …

… regardless of the size of your business …

… if you have clients utilising your services, and you want to retain and grow that client base …

… AND those clients have a website …

… you and they will benefit from you white labelling A1WebStats.



What do your current clients and future clients want?

Your current clients and future clients have pain points.

White labelled A1WebStats helps to solve those pain points.

We suggest that the vast majority of your current and future clients will have one simple desire:

I want more enquiries and sales.

Right now, your clients and future clients may have these thoughts in their heads …

“Why aren’t we getting more enquiries/sales about X?”

“Is our marketing spend achieving good results?”

Most businesses get excited about just one of the functions within the A1WebStats system:

Identifying companies that visited their website.

Here’s an example of a company (River Island – a clothing retailer) who went to the website and looked through a few pages of the website, including the duration on each page:

Example of an A1WebStats company visitor

That functionality alone, offered to your clients, will help to solve part of their pain points because it allows them to reach out to companies that they know have visited their website.

BUT it’s not the definitive answer.

Unfortunately, there are those within our industry that convince their customers that ‘companies chasing’ is all they need to do.  You can read more about that here.

What your clients and future clients actually want are more incoming enquiries and sales.

That can only happen when their websites and marketing are stronger so that more people from companies proactively contact them.

White labelled A1WebStats allows you to go much deeper than Google Analytics, highlighting (in a way that is much more accessible than Google Analytics) website areas that would benefit from improvement.  You can see here some of the ways it does that.

White labelled A1WebStats data provides the evidence that your clients should be investing further in their online strength.

After investment, your clients will reap the benefits, which further strengthens the supplier-client relationship.



What do YOU want?

There are four main ways in which YOU can benefit from white labelling A1WebStats …


Providing an extra service (companies tracking) to clients

Most businesses are interested in knowing which companies have been to their website (and what they looked at page by page).

Your white label would provide this information for your clients.

When your clients benefit from that information, that helps to retain their loyalty to you.

From a financial perspective, accessing A1WebStats data via a white label solution is immensely cheaper for your clients (than if buying directly).

Another financial benefit is that your clients won’t be putting their budget into some of our competitors products.  Unfortunately, some of our competitors will portray ‘companies chasing’ as being the most important use of budget.   The reality is that such budget would be better spent on getting your help to make your clients’ online presence stronger.

In short, you have the option to provide ‘visiting companies’ data to your clients either for free, or at a much lower rate than they would pay elsewhere (including directly via A1WebStats).  End result: your client gets data that is useful to them and appreciates that YOU haven’t charged them an extortionate amount for that data.


More paid work done for clients

Aside from identifying companies that visited your clients’ websites, white labelled A1WebStats is designed to highlight opportunities to make websites (and the inbound marketing) stronger.

Google Analytics is not good enough for this job.

The A1WebStats team are always available to help you interpret data of visitors going to the websites of your clients.  That interpretation involves picking up on key patterns that would benefit from further attention.

Our white labellers typically adopt this method, which benefits you and your client:

  1. Identify a product or service that the client wants to gain more enquiries about.
  2. Use the white labelled A1WebStats data (utilising our assistance if required) to identify opportunities to make the website (and/or marketing) stronger.
  3. Present that information to the client.
  4. Client agrees that you can undertake the work, because the data clearly shows there’s an opportunity.
  5. The website becomes stronger through your insights and work, and the client benefits from increased enquiries.
  6. Your client is likely to then want you to focus on other areas that could be strengthened.

It’s important to note: we don’t just give you the A1WebStats white labelled system and leave you with it.  We’re here to help you dig into the data of your clients’ websites, uncovering opportunities.


Lead in to new clients

White labelled A1WebStats provides you with an allowance of website visitors data, that you can spread across as many websites as you want to.

Most white labellers allocate some of that visitors data to current clients, and use the remainder to bring in future clients.

This is how it works:

  1. You contact many potential clients, offering them (initially) free information about companies that go to their websites.
  2. Those future clients benefit from the data you supply.
  3. While your future clients are getting data showing companies visiting their website, you are able to access data about all their website visitors.
  4. You can use parts of that data to highlight opportunities for them to gain more business. For example, the data could show that they have inefficient Google Ads that results in a high bounce rate, caused by a combination of poor Google Ads setup plus a weak landing page/supporting pages.
  5. Those insights that you provide should be appreciated by the recipients and gradually convert future clients into new clients for you.



White labelled A1WebStats allows you to impress clients.

You provide them with useful data and you work with them to make their websites/marketing stronger.

Your clients gain more business.

Your clients talk positively about you to other people in business.

Those other people in business contact you because they want the same success themselves.



Is white labelling right for you?

If you have all the following, then you’re not going to need to white label A1WebStats, as you’ll be in the minority:

  • Current clients regularly giving you more to work on for them.
  • Future clients contact you directly to see if you can work with them.
  • Low churn rate of clients (few of them going to competitors).

If you’re in the majority, then read on to see how to get the most benefits from trialling a white label of A1WebStats …

We provide A1WebStats white labelled for a total of 60 days – completely free to you.

However, we only provide that once to each future white labeller.

So, before committing, you need to ensure that you are ready to fully utilise those free 60 days.

There are two areas for you to think about – your current customers, and your future customers …


Your current customers

  1. List all your customers that sell B2B.
  2. For each customer, consider whether they would they benefit from knowing which companies went to their website and what they looked at page by page?
  3. Also think about whether they would benefit from insights into how their website visitors patterns could be bringing them stronger results?
  4. Finally, think about how many of your current customers have actually asked you for more assistance with their online presence.  If few of them have asked for your assistance, they probably need help but need to feel there’s a stronger relationship with you before they commit to a discussion.

Then consider how you would reach out to those current customers that you think would benefit from seeing which companies have visited their website or would like stronger results from their website visitors.

A phone call is typically more effective, but email or other methods could also be utilised.   Most people, when receiving a call of “we’ve got something that will show you the names of companies that visit your website – at no cost to you”, are going to be receptive.

What’s key is that you are prepared before you start your 60 days free trial of white labelled A1WebStats – so that you and your customers fully benefit from the free time and data.


Your future customers

Although you may allocate a proportion of your free data allowance to current customers, you’ll likely want to reserve some data allowance for future customers.

Those future customers will initially be interested in companies that visit their website and you can, over time, convert them to customers of your core services.

Those future customers should ideally be contacted before you’ve started the 60 day free trial, so that they’re all ready to go on day 1.

Here’s the planning that will ensure that you’re prepared …

  1. Build a list of businesses that you’d like as future customers.
  2. Consider whether they would like free information about companies visiting their websites.
  3. Plan how you would initially communicate with them, offering that free information. It may be an email list, telesales, or other forms of communication.
  4. Remember that they are new to you and you need to build trust – use of free visiting companies data from your white labelled A1WebStats is just the starting point.
  5. Be prepared to spend time (during your free 60 day trial) assessing their other website visitor patterns. We’re here to assist you with that data interpretation.  Sharing those insights with the future customer will build the relationship beyond the free companies data that they’ve been receiving, ultimately leading onto them utilising your services to make their website/marketing more effective.



Free for 60 days

Your A1WebStats white label free trial is totally free for 60 days.

That provides you with a data allowance of 15,000 visitors per month, that can be utilised on as many websites as you want.

Whether you’ve got a few clients or many, your only limitation is that you have a total allowance of 15,000 visitors per month that can be tracked between all those clients.

Each of your clients would have an individual logon (white labelled as your business) and you can have as many of those as you want to.

Got 15 clients with 15,000 visitors between them per month?  That’s fine.

Got 30 clients that have 15,000 visitors between them per month? That’s also fine.

The only limitation is the overall 15,000 visitors per month allowance.

Beyond the 60 day free trial, you may want higher data allowances, which can of course be purchased.

We give you 60 days free because:

  1. It takes time for your clients to properly utilise the data (e.g. following up on companies that have visited their website) in a way that will fully benefit them.
  2. Data patterns take time to accumulate. By the time a client has had data tracking for a few weeks, you’ll have data that is statistically useful to analyse (with our free assistance to help you).
  3. 60 days should be enough for you to decide whether white labelling A1WebStats is something that will benefit you and your clients (and future clients) ongoing.

If you wish to continue after the 60 days, our base level pricing is £200 (+ VAT) per month, which gives you an allowance of up to 15,000 visitors per month, spread between as many websites as you want to.

You are not contracted for any length of time and can cancel instantly with no financial or contractual penalties.

If you require more than 15,000 visitors per month, higher pricing tiers are covered in detail here.



Setup of your free white label trial

Here’s what’s needed to set up your white label, which is yours free for 60 days …


Confirmation of trial request

Please send the following subject line and text to hello@a1webstats.com, including your contact details:

Subject: A1WebStats white label 60 days trial

Text: Please provide a white label account on free trial.  My contact details are included in this email.


Details we need from you

When we respond to your trial request, we will ask you for the following, so that we can set up your white label 60 day trial:

  • Your business logo
  • The domain/sub-domain that your customers will use to access their data (e.g. superstats.com or subdomain.yourdomainnamehere.com)
  • Email address to use for your white label portal login

We will also ask you to create an A Name DNS record to point your chosen domain to our IP address.


Setup and getting started

It will take us 1-3 business days to create your white label account and you will be emailed login details when it is complete.

You will then need to log in to confirm you can access the account and then set up a walk through screenshare/call with us, using the link that we will provide.


Setting up your user accounts

Within a screenshare/call, we will guide you through the process to create and manage new users (your customers and prospects) within your portal.

This will take you from creating the account, to installation of the tracking code, and then checking that data is collecting.

You have a choice whether or not to let your users receive emailed reports from the system.   By default the system doesn’t send daily emails to your users (until you switch that option on).

You can also limit individual users to a set limit of data within your overall data allowance (e.g. allow a user up to 2,000 visitors per month).

This video covers some of what we will discuss during our screenshare/call:



During the 60 days

Most triallers of our white label service have existing clients, who are primarily interested in the names of companies that visited their website.

This starting point encourages them to have the tracking code installed, and later leads to you gaining more business as a result of various data patterns that can be identified (e.g. a page or form of marketing that appears to be underperforming).

This is the recommended approach to take with your existing customers (or potential customers if using this for future pipeline development) …


What to send your customers (ideally before signing up for your 60 day free trial)

Whether you choose to call, write to, or email your customers, this is the type of message that they are likely to respond positively to …

Dear [Customer name],

We now offer an additional service that we think will be useful to you.

That service shows you the names of companies that visited your website, and what they looked at page by page.   That allows you to reach out to prospects that didn’t make contact with you, plus identify other visitors that may be of interest (e.g. competitors)

There’s no cost for you to try it free for a few weeks and if you wish to continue afterwards, the cost is very small.

All you need to do is reply to me with ‘Yes please’ and we’ll get it set up for you.

There’s also another function within this service – it will uncover opportunities to strengthen parts of your website and marketing, which enables positive changes to be implemented, leading to more incoming enquiries and sales for you.


What your customers receive

When your customers accept your invitation to receive details of companies visiting their website, you can then create them as users within your portal.

As part of the setup of each customer, you will have made one of two choices:

  1. Enabled emails – this would automatically send a daily email of companies that visited their website – to the email address you set up on their account.
  2. Emails not enabled – you may like to directly control the data flow to the client by logging into their account and generating data for set periods of time (e.g. a week) for sending onto them.

So, if you want to be hands-off, then you would have enabled emails so that they automatically receive a daily email of companies that visited their website (which they will see as having come from your white label setup).

Alternatively, you would manually generate reports for your clients, sending them when it suits you (e.g. once a week).

Your customers only receive communications via your white label setup.  We (A1WebStats) don’t communicate with your customers at all.


Determining value to your customers

Within the 60 free days you can choose how long you want your customers to have access to data showing companies that visited their websites.

What you ideally should be doing is reaching out to them, after they’ve been receiving data for awhile.

We’d suggest that once they’ve had one or two weeks worth of data showing them companies that have visited their website, then the timing would be right for a communication such as:

Hi [their name here],

You’re currently trialling our extra service that shows you companies that visited your website.

I was wondering how you’re getting on with that?


Your customers will likely match one of the following:

  1. They find it useful and are actively following up on companies that have visited their website.
  2. They find it interesting but haven’t yet taken action on following up on companies that visited their website. For example, they may not currently have the culture/skillset that makes follow up possible for them.
  3. They like the awareness of companies who have been to their website but don’t have the time/commitment to follow up.
  4. They aren’t seeing the value in seeing the names of companies that visited their website.


Ideally, you would have some customers that match number 1 above.  Those are the customers who could potentially continue receiving data after their trial has ended, and who you could optionally choose to charge a fee for that to continue.

On the subject of fees, A1WebStats don’t dictate what you should charge, but experience has shown us that:

  1. You can contribute towards covering our A1WebStats monthly fee by building a moderately small extra cost into an existing retainer fee for customer work.
  2. Providing the data for free as part of your customer relationship has no immediate financial benefit to you, but very much strengthens your relationship.
  3. Charging more than what we would charge directly (£59/month) can be done, but doesn’t create long-term loyalty because those customers would look at the costs, research the market, and go elsewhere to get similar functionality.

What most white labellers do is absorb the A1WebStats costs and view the ‘companies tracking’ service as a way to strengthen customer relationships, while also collecting additional data that will generate more business for the white labeller.

This leads onto …


Analyse data patterns of interest

During the free 60 days and beyond, your customers will be most interested in information showing them the names of companies that visited their websites, and what those companies looked at page by page.

But (unless you’re considering charging for the white label service) that doesn’t generate income for yourselves.

Here’s what changes that …

A1WebStats does a lot more than identifying companies – it helps to focus on website visitor data patterns that indicate a need to make the website and marketing stronger.

Our recommendation during your free 60 days (and beyond) is to follow this process …

  1. Ask your customer the question: “what one product/service would you like more enquiries about?”.
  2. Wait for that customer to have accumulated a reasonable level of overall website visitors data. Typically, 300-400 visitors is enough.
  3. Have a call/screenshare with someone from the A1WebStats team, to review data related to the product/service of interest, and identify website visitor patterns that indicate that strengthening would be beneficial. That call/screenshare service is totally free and you can use it as much as you want to.
  4. Take the findings from that call/the system back to your customer, so that they have the opportunity to benefit from the insights that will lead to them gaining more business related to that product or service that’s of most interest to them.
  5. Based on the findings, you are likely to gain the work to implement positive change.

Typical outcomes from analysis of data patterns would be:

  1. Website pages that don’t keep the attention of the visitor, but that could be strengthened.
  2. Paid advertising (e.g. Google Ads) that needs refinements.
  3. SEO opportunities that haven’t yet been identified.

At A1WebStats we call this a win-win-win.

You win because the data helps to show your customer why they need you to help them further.

Your customer wins because they will gain more business from the work undertaken.

You win again because your customer will want to engage with you more (to gain further success), and will sometimes refer you onto their own contacts.



After the free 60 days

Your customers will likely have had access to data for a few weeks within the free 60 days.

The expected outcome from those 60 days is:

  1. Some of your customers will be mainly interested in visiting companies data and will want to continue. You would decide whether to apply a fee or to absorb it into other costs.
  2. Other customers will be interested in how the data highlights positive changes that can be made to their online presence.
  3. Some customers will not buy into the ongoing benefits of what’s been provided. Fortunately for you, those customers can have their data flow switched off and you can allocate more of your data allowance to other customers.

Ideally, within 60 days, you would have added several of your customers to the free data period.

From those customers, you should have gained enough of a feel for whether it is something that you’d like to continue afterwards.That’s when pricing becomes more relevant …



Pricing after 60 days


No contract

At no point are you ever locked into an A1WebStats white label for more than the current billing month.

Although we’ve not seen it yet, you may find, over time, that you or your clients don’t want the service anymore.

If that was the case, you can easily cancel and it stops at the end of the current billing month.


How pricing works

If continuing beyond your 60 days, your pricing would depend on how much data allowance you require.

The majority of our white labellers start on the base rate, which is:

£200 (+ VAT) per month, which provides a data allowance of 15,000 visitors, spread between as many customer accounts as you want to.

15,000 is quite a lot of website visitors data and you would typically cover several of your customers websites within that.

The good news is that if a customer stopped using the service, you then free up the data allowance they had, which can be used for other customers.

Over time (or at the beginning, as some have done), you may have a requirement for higher data allowances.

This is our pricing from the base rate upwards (all figures exclude VAT):

0 – 15,000 visitors: £200 per month.

15,001 – 25,000 visitors: £300 per month.

25,001 – 35,000 visitors: £400 per month.

35,001 – 45,000 visitors: £470 per month.

45,001 – 55,000 visitors: £530 per month.

Please contact us for further discounts above 55,000 visitors per month.


What happens when visitors data allowance is exceeded

There are no automatic increases in pricing if you exceed your data allowance.

This is how our process works:

  1. We monitor the levels of data being used.
  2. If we see data allowances nearing the upper level (e.g. 15,000) we will make contact with you.
  3. We ask if you would like to reallocate some of your existing data allowance (e.g. to stop tracking on a customer that doesn’t benefit you, and allocate that data to someone else), or whether you want to increase your allowance.

It’s our responsibility to monitor data usage levels and to reach out to you when needed.


Gaining a return on your fee

It’s important to us that you gain a return on your fee.

Whether you’re paying £200, £300, or more each month, there needs to be a return on investment for you.

Sometimes that is covered purely by you applying an ongoing charge to some of your customers – so that they can keep getting the data.

Sometimes you gain extra work from clients (as a result of data analysis) and that extra work covers the cost of the white labelled system.

At a very basic level, 15,000 overall visitors, spread between several of your customers, would show those customers anything from 1,500 – 4,000 identifiable companies that had been to their websites.Provided that your customers are proactively using that information, then they should be converting some of that ‘visiting companies’ knowledge into new business for themselves, which justifies them paying you for continuing to receive the data.

If you felt at any time that your customers aren’t effectively utilising the data available, then we at A1WebStats are here to help you to focus their attention in constructive ways that benefit their businesses.


What A1WebStats does better than other systems

So what EXACTLY does white labelled A1WebStats do in better ways than other software can?

At the core of A1WebStats is the ability to analyse website visitors data from the perspective of the desired end result: more business gained by the client.

Everything our system does is focused on that vitally important outcome.


More enquiries about products or services

For your clients, their question should always be: “what product or service do I want more enquiries about?”.

From there, using white labelled A1WebStats highlights where there are opportunities to boost the level of enquiries, as this video explains …


Linking enquiries back to their sources

Whether the incoming enquiry is by contact form, email, or phone, this video shows how you can link enquiries back to their sources – including the page by page movement that the enquirer made through the website.

By being able to see what led to enquiries being gained, your client is in a position to see what’s working and what’s not.  This leads to enhancements being made to both marketing and the website itself.


Better return from marketing spend

Although A1WebStats can provide insights into the return on many forms of marketing that drives traffic to a website, this video focuses on one of the more popular aspects of marketing: Google Ads.

We take you through how to analyse the page by page views of people who clicked through from Google Ads, and how to quickly identify problem areas.

The same principle can be applied to any form of marketing that brings visitors to a website.


Visitor flow analysis

Google Analytics can’t do this.

A1WebStats shows you every individual visitor and how they move through the website.

This first video focuses on visitors from other countries, who don’t make contact (but should do), and the reasons why …

This additional video gives an example of how A1WebStats is used to analyse a desired website visitor path, focusing on those who take that beneficial path, and the majority who don’t.



Email campaign tracking beyond the click

This video shows how you can identify the people who went deeper than the landing page from an email campaign click … and how to flag them up for further nurturing, based on their website movements.


Identifying wastage

Whether it’s banner advertising, listing within online directories, or any other form of advertising that drives traffic to your website, this video shows how you can assess what results you did (or didn’t!) get from the expenditure.   That then often leads to you making cost savings instead of wasting budget.



And it identifies visiting companies too

Yes, you can see the names of companies that visited the website, plus what they looked at page by page, but this video goes further into what you can then do with that information.


Anything else?

A1WebStats has so many uses and you may have thought of something that we haven’t featured here.

Please feel free to contact us to see whether A1WebStats can help with data insights of interest to you.



Any questions?

There’s a lot of information on this page, but it can all be summarised as:

  1. You and your clients want more enquiries and sales
  2. White labelled A1WebStats facilitates that within a free 60 day trial
  3. Only through seeing the benefits during the free trial, would you want to continue with a paid subscription afterwards

Is there anything else you’d like to know, that we haven’t covered on this page?

All you need to do is contact us and we’ll be happy to help.