The past week has been an eye-opener here at A1WebStats.

We’ve had 22 new free trial signups from Italy.

That may not sound like much, but we don’t have many customers in Italy, so it’s a lot to us.

We’ve had dialogue with most of those new triallers and there is a clear feeling of fear behind their reasons to take a trial.

It derives from Coronavirus, and specifically, the numbers of cases in Italy.

Here’s the sequence of events …

  1. Businesses in Italy had been continuing as normal until recent weeks.
  2. Coronavirus became strongly linked to Italy.
  3. Italian businesses noticed reduced levels of sales and enquiries.
  4. Businesses started to look at their numbers of website visitors and saw that they had declined since the news about Coronavirus.
  5. Google searches (related to the decline in website visitor numbers) is what brought them to A1WebStats.
  6. They signed up for a trial, hoping for an answer.


Then vs Now

This frustrates us immensely …

If businesses (not just from Italy – any business anywhere in the world) had focused more attention on their website visitors data THEN (before Coronavirus became big news), they would have identified opportunities that could have helped them to get more enquiries and sales.

If they had more enquiries and sales (at a time when Coronavirus wasn’t having a negative impact) then they’d have been in a better position to weather the storm NOW.

Our new triallers from Italy are experiencing downturns in visitors to their websites – the worst we heard was a 31% decrease in visitors compared to before Coronavirus.

That smaller level of website visitors is also less likely to be buying – particularly if they’re from within Italy and are feeling the same pain other businesses are having.

This means that there’s a double whammy for those Italian businesses:

  1. Less visitors to their website.
  2. Those website visitors they do get are less likely to be actively buying now, as they have financial concerns of their own.

Coronavirus wasn’t the fault of those businesses in Italy.

It just happened.


A tale of two businesses

This applies to all businesses, anywhere in the world, and is particularly relevant currently, when we really don’t know the true impact that Coronavirus is going to have on the world of business.

Only you will decide whether you are Business A or Business B …

Business A spent time fully understanding the patterns of their website visitors, and what they were gaining from their online marketing activities and budget.

Business B didn’t.

Business A refined their website and marketing so that they gained incremental improvements in the enquiries and sales that they gained from their online presence.

Business B didn’t.

Business A gained more customers, more revenues, and more stability.

Business B didn’t.

Something big impacted all businesses (Coronavirus is an example, but it could be anything).

Both Business A and Business B were impacted.

Business A survived because they had previously built strength that helped them to weather the storm.

Business B didn’t survive.


Scare yourself

The impact from Coronavirus may not have hit your business yet, as it has to so many businesses in Italy.

It may never impact you.

But maybe something else will.

So it’s worth scaring yourself so that you have the opportunity to avoid what could be heading your way …

  1. Think of a product or service that you offer.
  2. Make a note of how many visitors get to that part of your website over a one month period. Although A1WebStats is better for this, you can use Google Analytics to get that basic information).
  3. Also note the typical number of monthly enquiries you’d get about that product or service.
  4. Now reduce the website visitors number down by 10%, then 20%, then 30%
  5. Also reduce the enquiries gained by the same amounts.
  6. Decide whether you could sustain that negative impact.

If the scenario above scares you (which it should do, as those poor businesses in Italy are going through that pain right now) then you have the chance to take action.

Action that enables you to strengthen your online presence so that you become ‘Business A’ from the example above.

Action that involves taking the free 30 day trial of A1WebStats, which will unveil the opportunities you’re currently missing out on, so that you’re in a better position than your competitors if disaster comes knocking on your door.



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