It’s time to feel good about your current website.

Heading into 2020, we consider it quite normal to update our business websites from time to time.

For some we seem to replace our websites far too frequently (stand up design agencies – you are the biggest culprits).

Others, less frequently.

So when you’re looking at your current website and are thinking:

Why doesn’t this generate us more business?

… there are probably many reasons why it doesn’t generate more business but one of those is unlikely to be the overall look and feel.

Take, for example, this beauty, which is still live as at May 2019 …

Old website example 1

We feel so sorry for it that we’ll give it a bit of chalet rentals Wales link juice from us.

Think back to the days of AOL as you view the designer credits …

Old website example 2

Feel the nostalgia of times gone by as you view the animated ? on the FAQs page

Old website example 3

Is that an abandoned website?  Apparently not – it has a page about WiFi …

Old website example 4


We’re not here to mock.

Our point is that there are many websites still live from ages ago, long beyond their sell-by date.

Some are genuinely abandoned, and others are for current businesses.

You only have to do a Google search for ‘old websites still online’ to see plenty of examples of websites that are still active.

For example, a Google search for ‘Caine, Farber & Gordon’ shows this, including a link to their website …

Old website example 5

And what happens when you click through to their website?

This …

Old website example 6

Wow – what a blast back in time … although you do have to be kind of jealous of the nifty short domain they’ve had all that time

So, why not spend a bit of time checking out old websites that are still online.

It’ll make you feel a lot better about your own website and realise just how far the world of websites has come.




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