Now that the UK has voted to leave the European Union, we enter a period of time in which there is likely to be some short-term negative impact on businesses.

Stock market changes, the fall of the Pound, and many other factors will have a knock-on effect to most types of businesses – in the UK and around the world.

Whether we like it or not, those of us in business are linked to, and affected by, what happens worldwide.

We are now in a time when businesses need to be so much more proactive about making websites as good as they can be.  We’ve actually been in that time for many years but Brexit really brings the importance to the fore.


How identifying visiting companies damages your business

Most competitors of A1WebStats focus heavily on the supposed benefits of identifying companies that visit websites.  Although we also offer this functionality, and there are some benefits, we see it as being damaging to businesses who don’t focus beyond that type of data.

Just to reinforce that point in a different way:

Out of all visitors to your website, only a relatively small percentage CAN be identifiable as being from companies.   It doesn’t matter who is supplying you the data (A1WebStats, or any other provider), NO system can identify all visiting companies.

Of all those website visitors that can’t be identified, large numbers of them will be people from companies who fall into the following categories:

  1. They work from an IP address that can’t be easily linked to their company name.
  2. They are on your website from a location outside of their place of work, via either desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Many of those unidentifiable visitors will be going to your product or service pages and will be considering whether or not you are the business that they want to contact about their needs.

Consider this in more detail …

Out of all the website visitors who get to your product or service pages, how many of them are likely to be people in business who are researching the options open to them?

We’d suggest that most people going to your product or service pages are potential buyers.

If you rely primarily on just looking at the identifiable companies that got to your product or service pages, then you are missing out on the most important picture, which is …

Regardless of whether they can be identified as companies or not, how many visits do you get to individual product or service pages, in comparison to how many enquiries you get?


There is a solution

The founders of A1WebStats have long been using a specific methodology (that we built) that guarantees businesses to gain more enquiries about individual products or services.

This methodology hasn’t been created in response to Brexit.  We’ve been using it for over 10 years (mainly with consultancy clients).

Until now we haven’t shared it in detail but an event as big as Brexit is important enough for us to share it – purely because many businesses are going to feel some pain, and this methodology heads off a lot of that pain.

In essence, it’s simple:

Ensure that, given a choice of numerous websites potential buyers can go to, YOUR product or service pages (and those pages supporting them) are stronger than the combination of all the others people may look at.

In practice, it requires planning, dedication, and implementation.

As we say in the guide, only 1 out of 10 of you are likely to follow the recommendations to completion.  But if you make the effort now, and your competitors don’t, then you are guaranteed to be in a much stronger position as the outcomes from Brexit start to have an impact on businesses.

Unfortunately, there will be many businesses, who should have implemented this methodology years ago and for them, it will be too late to survive in the likely upheaval and uncertainty in the months ahead.

For everyone else, the time to take action is not in a few weeks or a few months, or a few years.  You have the power to make your website supremely stronger than your competitors, and using A1WebStats in the way in which it was intended: to help you gain more business through fully understanding your website visitor patterns and then acting on that knowledge.

If nothing else, take time out to review the guide and have serious internal discussions about whether you think the advice applies to your business.  We’d be hugely surprised if it didn’t, whether or not you think Brexit is going to affect you.

View the guide here:

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