Even those who aren’t football fans can’t have missed the news that Leicester City took the Premiership title on 2nd May, sending shockwaves through to their much larger competitors.

A football club that had odds of 5,000-1 (to win the title) at the start of the football season, who had relatively little investment, and no-one really thought would top the Premiership … did it.

You may be thinking that someone at A1WebStats is a Leicester fan, but you’d be wrong. However, we ARE fans of ‘small achieving lots through passion and dedication’, which is what Leicester City have clearly achieved.

There’s a graphic below that compares the cost of the Leicester City squad to the Manchester City squad – a mammoth difference.


Yes, the Leicester City squad was 8% the size of Manchester City in terms of financial resources.

Which is not unlike A1WebStats.  We’re small and don’t have the financial clout of our larger competitors (one in particular springs to mind, who are very vocal about how much they spend on resources and how many staff they have).

But we have something our competitors don’t have – we have a passion for businesses to succeed through using website statistics in a deeper way.

We are:

  • 100% AGAINST any business relying solely on the identification of visiting companies.
  • 100% FOR businesses using website visitors statistics to understand how to make their websites stronger.

Above all else, we actually care about our customers being as successful as possible through making their websites better.

Most of our subscribers are what you’d call ‘normal companies’ – businesses that turn over from under £100K a year up to double figure £millions.   They are businesses that want to grow, to overtake their bigger competitors, and we love being a small part of that through our A1WebStats system uncovering opportunities to ‘be better’ through the website.

In their own way, many of our customers are ‘Leicester City’ within their industry because they have bigger competitors and they are determined to rise above them.   We have seen many examples of our subscribers using our A1WebStats system to make that happen and it gives us a sense of pride to be part of that.

We also have the privilege of an inside view of businesses within the same sector as each other, both via the website statistics and also through conversations.  Although that knowledge is firmly locked up in the confidentiality that our customers expect, we can say one thing, based on insights into thousands of websites/businesses:

Many smaller businesses are beating their larger competitors in terms of conversions via their websites and they’re doing it by digging deeper into their data and making positive changes.

Back to the comparison between ourselves (A1WebStats) and Leicester City …

  • Leicester have a team that doesn’t cost the earth compared to their competitors.  So do A1WebStats.
  • Leicester achieve a lot through passion and dedication to their customers (fans).  So do A1WebStats.
  • Less than a year passed between Leicester’s competitors seeing them as being not a serious threat and then Leicester beating them all.  We know that one of our major competitors sees us as a threat already (based on how hard they try to bash us).  A year from now will be very interesting.
  • Leicester have won a big title. Ok, we’re working on that one!

We don’t want to be faceless and corporate, like the better-known Premiership clubs.  We want to be seen as providing a service at the right price for our customers, so that our customers are pleased enough to support us and grow with us.

We’re happy ‘being Leicester City’ because Leicester City have proven that passion and dedication, not pots of money, are more important than anything else.



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