‘Too busy’ are two words that most of us use too often.

You may feel you’re ‘too busy’ to read through this blog.  But persevere, it could be the most beneficial thing you’ll do today …

At A1WebStats we keep in contact with trial and paying subscribers by:

  1. Emails that provide tips on how to make best use of the A1WebStats system.
  2. Emails that offer a conversation with us that will help to gain more results from the website.
  3. Phone calls, discussing website success factors and how to make positive change.

We have good intentions but there is often a fundamental problem: people are often ‘too busy’ to fully capitalise on what their website visitors traffic is telling them.


What your website traffic tells you

Here are just a few of the negative things that your website traffic (in the depth that A1WebStats can provide) tells you:

  • Your landing pages are weak.
  • Your product or service pages are weak.
  • Your paid advertising (e.g. Google Adwords) is running inefficiently.
  • Your website visitors are often from locations that are of no value to you at all.
  • Your shopping process is losing potential customers at defined points.
  • Your organic SEO angle is all wrong.


The danger of focusing on visiting companies

Yes, A1WebStats lets you identify the companies that visit your website.

No, that alone will NOT be sufficient for you to do well from your website – because many of your visitors will be from businesses but there’s no definitive way that they can be identified.  Typically 70-90% of your website visitors will NOT be identifiable as a company but many of those visitors will be from potential buyers.

Taking round numbers, suppose your website had 1,000 visitors in a month and those visitors divided down into the following …

  • 150 (15%) identifiable as companies.
  • 850 (85%) not identifiable as companies.

Those 150 ‘companies’ you can reach out to.

The other 850 are likely to fall into one of the following categories:

  1. ‘Company’ visitors accessing your website from at home, a location where the company can’t be identified (e.g. a firm of architects working from a standard BT connection), or from mobile devices.
  2. Irrelevant traffic.

Depending on your line of work/how visible your website is in certain ways, you’re more likely to have people from category 1 above visiting, than category 2.

So if we assume that many of those 850 visitors per month are from people within companies (who just can’t be identified), then surely the answer is to find ways to make the website stronger so that those visitors have more reason to make contact with you?

Even those companies that you can identify, and that you have to chase down (because they didn’t make contact with you), often chose not to make contact because something about your website didn’t resonate with them.

Don’t believe us?   Go home tonight and search for something the business you work for may feasibly buy/be interested in.  Go to their website and look through various pages.  If that visited website was using a system like A1WebStats they’d see you as an anonymous visitor, but one who was looking at pages that implied an interest in their products or services.  But that company can’t reach out to you (because you can’t be identified) – they can only make their website better so that you have enough reason to contact them.

So would it be worth making a business website stronger, to better-capitalise on ALL the website visitors and not just those that can be identified by company name?

Well, that depends on your view of how useful a word ‘busy’ really is to you …


Too busy – the biggest limiting factor in businesses (as we see it)

We all have filled lives but we sometimes wear the word ‘busy’ as some sort of badge of honour – as if it’s good to be seen as busy.

When it comes to getting the best out of the A1WebStats system, there’s a conflict between:

Customer: I’m far too busy doing everything else to spend time on analysing my website visitors data in more detail.


A1WebStats: If you spent the time analysing your website visitors data in more detail it would lead to beneficial website changes that bring in more business and probably make your life easier overall.  Short-term pain for long-term gain.

There’s a useful podcast, focusing on the concept of ‘too busy’ by a guy called Paul Minors.  It’s only 15 minutes long and the podcast can be accessed here: http://soundcloud.com/paulminors/tpp-24-60316-246-pm.

Here are some key points that jump out of that podcast:

  • Being busy is most often used as a guise for avoiding the few critically important but uncomfortable actions.
  • Say No to many things and “hell, yeah” to other things.

  • You are doing yourself and others a disservice by trying to do too much.

  • Do some things really well instead of trying to do too much.

  • Feeling busy = not prioritising enough

Taking those five points above and putting them in the context of A1WebStats, we see most people as being ‘too busy’ to spend time using the system (and our knowledge) in the way it’s intended to be used.

Yes, digging into A1WebStats data can seem uncomfortable at first, as can be the realisation that website changes are necessary when the data highlights issues to address … but it’s a necessary level of ‘uncomfortable’ in order to push the website and the business forwards.

We ask: is it better to be productive on something (website strengthening) that has the potential of substantial gains, or is it better to be ‘busy’ on everything else?

Using our crystal ball we see a time, a year or two from now, in which many more businesses are using systems that show them which companies are visiting their website.  They’ll blindly go down the path of thinking that’s (identifiable companies) all there is to gain from their website visitors data when instead they should be fully using A1WebStats to dig deeper into website visitor paths, resulting in actions that make the websites stronger (and so more companies will make contact without having to be chased).

And if you still think you’re too busy to utilise the A1WebStats system in the way it’s intended to be used, why not book in a call with us?  Take 20 minutes out of your busy (there’s that word again!) schedule and then compare the benefits of that time (which is no cost to you as a subscriber) to what you would otherwise have filled your 20 minutes with.


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