This is brilliant – a fantastic example of a website that makes it so incredibly easy to buy –

If your business sells products directly from the website then there are some tips to pick up here.  If you don’t sell products from your website, you may still get something from this …

Here’s what you see after landing on the website:


There are four key areas that you’re likely to click on:

  1. Wired Headsets
  2. Wireless Headsets
  3. Headset Accessories
  4. Headset Finder

But it doesn’t matter which one you click on as they all click through to a headset finder function.

Taking an example, if you want a wired headset and click on that part of the page you get asked for the device you are connecting your headset to.   We chose ‘Desk Phone’.

After selecting that it asks for your phone brand and then your phone model, getting you to this point …


Now all you have to do is either click on ‘Find Headset’ or change your mind and switch between wired, wireless, or both.

At this point the website has answered a few key questions in the mind of the potential buyer:

  1. What type of device the headset is for (e.g. a desk phone)
  2. What make of device the headset is needed for (e.g Cisco).
  3. What specific model of device the headset is needed for.
  4. Whether wired or wireless headsets are required.

At this point you get a range of headsets to choose from, plus some more options, such as the wearing style and connection option.

From there it’s just a case of ‘Add to Cart’.


Winning on effectiveness, not price

What’s interesting about this website is that because it’s so easy to find a headset that matches your type of device and specific model, it feels so natural to just go ahead and buy, without paying too much attention to the price.

Are you really going to go off and search for the same headset elsewhere, in the hope to get a bit off the price?

Some people may do but we suspect that many more people would feel that their time had been respected by the ease of product selection and would naturally want to buy from a business that has made their life easier.

Top marks to this website for demonstrating a lesson in making it easy for people to buy.


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