Unlimited business training courses in Birmingham for £2.45 a day.  Really?!

We’ve all seen offers that make us think “yeah, that’s too good to be true – where’s the catch?” – particularly online.

So how do businesses with genuinely good offers stand out from the crowd?

In our case (A1WebStats), how does a business whose core service is not business training courses, make it believable that the offer is genuine?

In reality, it’s not easy, but as you can see from our dedicated site, your offer can stand out through:

  1. Accountability – give a guarantee that those who buy will benefit in the way they expect to.
  2. Selectivity – if you make unbelievable offers on a routine basis, people are not going to be so willing to believe you. However, if you never/hardly ever promote offers then the offer is clearly something of high benefit and genuine. It’s worth noting that A1WebStats have never before offered anything outside our core product until now, which we think sends out a “this is important” message.
  3. Trust – if your existing customers see your promotion, and you have provided a good service to those customers, then there is already some trust in place.
  4. Being human – cut through the marketing bullshit that people are tired of, detailing the offer in a way that is human and without clutter.
  5. Honesty – if you’re going to benefit from the person capitalising on the offer, then say so.
  6. Accessibility – provide contact details so people can get hold of you if they want to find out more/have any questions.

So many marketers sing the praises of ‘squeeze pages’ and there is a whole science around how to construct them to get maximum rates of clicks.   You could view http://2016business.co.uk/ as a squeeze page but it’s not – in fact, any expert in squeeze pages would scream in horror at it.   It’s actually more of a message of “consider this further if …”

  1. The business training courses would benefit you and your staff.
  2. £2.45 per day for unlimited training is the costliest option.
  3. Birmingham is feasible for you/your staff to travel to/from.
  4. The quality of and outcomes from the training are personally endorsed by me (which is a rarity).

Whether or not you have an interest in the training courses on offer, there’s still a message here that’s applicable for anyone who wants to get the best from their website and the way in which it’s promoted online. That message is:

  1. Respect the fact that your potential buyers have been bombarded with thousands of ‘too good to be true’ offers before.
  2. Ensure that the website page they land on answers all their questions, focusing on the 6 bullet points further up.
  3. Don’t even attempt to sell anything that you don’t 100% believe will fully benefit anyone who buys.


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