If you’re on this page then it’s quite likely that you clicked through from our LinkedIn advert.   If that was the case then we hope that the brightness of the advert didn’t offend your eyes too much and we promise you that there’s no more bright pink within our website!

If you’ve seen our advert then you’re likely to be the type of person who has an interest in getting the best out of your website, which may include having the ability to see which companies visited your website, and what they looked at page by page.  If that’s of interest, please take a look at our Companies Visiting My Website page.

It may also be that you have a general interest in using your website visitors data to help identify strong and weak points, focusing on how to get more business from your website visitors.    That’s where our More business from my website page should be useful to you.

You’re probably aware that there are various providers of software that will show you which companies went to your website, but we like to think we’re different because although such information is valuable, it’s perhaps not as valuable as focusing on what’s most important:

Why don’t those people make contact in the first place?

Whether or not our (or any) system can identify the name of a visiting company, if people are getting to certain pages of your website but aren’t making contact in strong enough numbers, then the A1WebStats system should be of interest to you.  Yes, you’ve probably got Google Analytics in place but that doesn’t let you get down to the nitty gritty detail of why people aren’t making contact/buying.

Something we find ourselves often saying to those who are using the free 30 day trial, or are considering it, is to ask this question of senior management (who, frankly, don’t care about website statistics – all they care about is that they have a pain point related to lack of sales/enquries):

What products or services, that we show on our website, are we not getting enough enquiries about?”.

When you’ve got the answer to that, you can use the A1WebStats system to dig deeper and also, we’d welcome you to contact us because we can show you shortcuts through the system that will lead you to the answers as to why certain parts of the website aren’t working as well as they could be.


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