For those of you who open up your daily A1WebStats companies visited report and export the data to Excel, you’ll notice some differences from today.

New columns

You’ll now see some new columns appearing in the Excel exports.  These are detailed as follows …

Visit Duration – how long the visitor was on the website (in the format of hours, minutes, seconds – for example: 00:04:15 is zero hours, 4 minutes, 15 seconds).  If there is no visit duration showing then it means that the visitor looked at only the page they landed on (our system can only measure visit duration for as long as visitors go from page to page on your website so if, for example, someone lands on your home page and then goes back to a Google search page, our tracking code isn’t on Google and so we don’t know how long they were on your home page).

No. Pages Visited – speaks for itself: the number of pages each visitor viewed on your website.

Days Since Last Visit – again, this speaks for itself and gives you a quick insight into how useful it may be to dig into that visiting company in more detail.

Entry Page URL – what page they landed on.

Exit Page URL – what page they were on as they exited your website.

City – due to the nature of IP tracking, you can’t read too much into this, but it may be useful in some cases.


Moved columns

Every subscriber uses the Excel data in a different way and we’ve tried to re-order the columns to satisfy the majority of requirements.  These columns have been moved further to the right of the spreadsheet:

  • Referrer
  • Keywords (which aren’t available most of the time, because of Google restrictions)
  • Country

We feel that the majority of subscribers are primarily interested in the company details (name, phone number, url), how long they were on the website, if they’d been to the website before, and what pages they viewed.   This is why those columns are presented first in the Excel export.

However, as a responsive business, we always welcome feedback and if there’s enough feedback related to the ordering of columns in the Excel export, then we will make changes accordingly so please do let us know you thoughts.



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