The most common question we receive is a variation on:

“I can see that companies have been to my website, but I don’t know the person who it was and am unsure how to get a foot in the door of that company?”

From those people we speak to, we see a wide difference in attitude towards sales, ranging from those who really don’t want to be bothering people within those companies (who have visited their website), through to those who would be happy to get straight on the phone to the company.

Although our data doesn’t identify the individual person who visited your website, if you do manage to get through to the actual person who visited, there’s still a need to be tactful in your approach.  After all, most people are familiar with ‘Big Brother’ and you don’t want your business (and you) to be perceived as being a virtual stalker.

There are three blogs that we’ve produced, which we feel are of most use to you when considering how to target companies that have visited your website …

How do I contact companies that have visited my website?

This blog provides a range of different angles to bridge the gap between you and the company who visited your website.

Acting on visiting companies data

This blog is more about the process of filtering your daily companies data so that you end up with a more refined list for you to target.  It also covers the subject of stepping outside the mindset of targeting companies and into the mindsight of making your website strong enough for companies to want to make contact with you.

The early bird gets the business

As more of your competitors gain the ability to identify companies who have visited their (and probably your) website, you’re going to need a specific mindset to capitalise on those company visitors as soon as you can each day.  This blog covers that subject.

Good luck!

We hope that within those three blogs you get some great insights.   We would love to hear of your experiences with contacting companies that have visited your websites so please do get in contact to share them with us.

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