Variations on this are high on the list of comments we get from A1WebStats subscribers:

“We can see which companies visit our websites but we haven’t got the time/resource to work out WHO within that company was the likely visitor (so that we can then have a conversation, as they haven’t made contact with us)”.

We have published various blogs on this subject in the past, including the following:

The first of those blogs includes reference to outsourcing the task of bridging that gap between your knowledge of the company who visited … and a useful person to be speaking to from within that company.


This is for you lead generation professionals

While we have many lead generation professionals who white-label the A1WebStats system (to actively generate new potential business for themselves by giving away free 30 day trials), there are also many lead generation businesses who prefer to receive sets of data from clients and then go to work on building the bridges.

If you’re in a lead generation business and would like our subscribers to consider using your services then read on …


We want to recommend people who have the same values as us

Here at A1WebStats we supply the system free for 30 days, including some advice for our subscribers.  It’s not unusual for us to spend a few hours on a trial subscriber.

But we want to offer more – especially for those subscribers who are looking for potential suppliers of services that can create the link between companies who visited their website and a name & number/email of someone (who is willing to be contacted) to speak to within that company.

Here’s how it would typically work …

  1. The A1WebStats subscriber emails (or has automatically sent via the system) visiting companies data (all, or refined to just those of interest) to an outsourced lead generation professional.
  2. The lead generation professional works their magic, resulting in a strong contact for their client company to be contacting.
  3. There is a financial arrangement, typically based on success, between the subscriber and the lead generation professional.


Our list of lead generation professionals and our expectations

At A1WebStats we give a lot for free (e.g. the 30 day trial, telephone assistance & advice) and we expect similar from those who we could be referring onto subscribers (if requested).

We also expect high quality.

To get on our list, and stay on our list, we set the following expectations of the lead generation professional …

  1. To demonstrate their value/strength, the first link (between visiting company and a strong contact for the client company) is provided totally free and without obligation.
  2. The integrity and brand name of the client company is at no time endangered.  This means that pushy sales are a no-no.
  3. We receive a monthly summary view of how the relationship is going with the A1WebStats subscriber.


Expectations of the A1WebStats subscriber

If utilising the services of a lead generation professional, all we ask is that you provide us with a monthly summary of how the relationship is going.  We will supply a short series of questions and the answers to those (combined with responses from other subscribers, to create an average) are what will dictate the lead generation professionals that we are ongoing prepared to put our name to.


What’s in it for us?

Financially, nothing.  No back handers or fees.

The value to us is in our subscribers having the option to utilise professional lead generation services, initially with one good contact provided for free, and then in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Subscribers that are gaining more from the A1WebStats data are subscribers that prosper through growing businesses, which is the ethos of what our product was originally designed to help with.


Next steps

In the future we may publish a list of lead generation professionals within our website but for now, we will keep the range of options prepared and ready to be sent to subscribers who appear to have such an interest.

If you are a lead generation professional and would like to be considered, please do contact us with the details of at least two organisations that you’ve provided lead generation services to, including their willingness to receive a phone call from us.

If accepted, then apart from having an A1WebStats subscription yourself (which you don’t need to have prior to being considered), we will expect agreement to abide by the same standards that we set ourselves.

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