In some lines of business, the sales cycle is relatively slow.  In such instances it could be considered acceptable to use A1WebStats to identify companies who have visited your website in the past few days, weeks, or month, and then try to make contact with them.

However, in the vast majority of cases, if a company has visited your website and you feel it was a potential lead for you (based on their website movements), then it’s logical to make contact as early as possible.


Our early birds

What time do YOU open up your daily companies report each day (compared to the 5am – UK time – that they get sent out)?

Although the subscriber names have been blanked out, here’s a snapshot of individual subscribers who have opened up their daily report or logged into their account, within minutes of the emails being sent out …


It may surprise some readers to know that over half of our subscribers have looked at their data (of visiting companies from the day before) prior to the stereotypical (9am) working day starting.   A large proportion of those have also logged in prior to 7am.


Sad or sensible?

Some people may say “they’ve not got a life if they’re looking at visiting companies data that early in the morning”.  We say “through being proactive, they’re building their life and business success for the future”.

Consider this … if you’ve skimmed through your list of visiting companies early in the morning, some of those company names are going to be buzzing around your head, stimulating thoughts, as you go through the process of getting ready and into work.

Do you have visions of people in pyjamas opening up their visiting companies emails?  Or someone browsing the data on their iPad while crunching their cornflakes?  It’s very much likely to be happening.

What’s key here is one important word: attitude.

The attitude is that it’s important to assess which companies visited the day before and to filter that data down to the few nuggets that are interesting and can be actioned in the hours ahead.


Do or die

Don’t take it personally but if a company has been to your website then they’re likely to have been to competitors websites on that same day.

If a company has been to your website and to competitors, but hasn’t made contact with anyone, then:

  1. The subscriber who is using A1WebStats is immediately at an advantage over competitors who don’t use anything.
  2. If your competitors also use A1WebStats (or another product) then the most proactive one amongst you has a higher potential to gain something.  If you wait days, weeks, or more, the potential business is dead/gone to a competitor.


Tell us what you think

We’d love to get your comments about when/where you look at your morning data from A1WebStats and how that helps your day ahead.  So please, let us know.  If there are some whacky ones, it’ll make our day.  We may even put together a follow up blog with comments from those people who are happy to be quoted (anonymously if desired).



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