OK, we admit it – we’re not perfect.

In an ideal world, analytics systems would be able to identify every single visitor to a website as being from a specific company, complete with details such as phone number, url, etc.

There are numerous reasons why such data could be missing:

  1. The company just can’t be identified by their IP address.
  2. The company deliberately hides their identity.
  3. We haven’t updated that particular visitor record ourselves.

So what do you do when you know for sure a particular visitor to your website is from a specific company, but our data doesn’t show you that?

For example, you’re on the phone to someone and you’re looking at ‘All Visitors’ within A1WebStats and it’s very clear that the person you’re speaking to is the same person that’s going through certain pages on your website.

Another example could be someone who filled in an enquiry form, given their details, and triggering a ‘thanks’ type url, which you can see within the A1WebStats data very easily.

This is where ‘Edit Details’ becomes useful …

How to use Edit Details

We urge caution to start with.   Let’s say that you know the visitor below is from ABC Ltd but you’re not entirely sure that they’re on a fixed IP address …


You can click on the ‘Edit Details’ link, which will bring up a view like this:


We recommend that you type ‘May be ABC Ltd’ as a caution.  If that visitor consistently comes back to your website in the future then you could edit the details and remove the ‘May be’ part.   If you have the details, you can add more in there, such as in the example below …


With that complete you’ll easily be able to identify that visitor when they come back to your website in the future.


Hang on – you want ME to do your data refinements for YOU?!

Your edits are only visible within your own A1WebStats account.   We do see those edits but we don’t automatically think that you’ve got it right.   Instead, we keep records of such subscriber-created changes and only if we think (over time) that it’s a good match, would we add it to our database.

But yes, it does help and we have very many subscribers who actively use the Edit Details link when they’re sure that the visitor is from that company.


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