The image below (or similar to it) is recognisable to most people, depicting how man evolved from apes…



Such views of evolution have long been controversial and so it’s fitting to stir that pot a little bit more … but in this case, focusing on website analytics as the evolutionary subject.


Most people are apes

Yes, from an analytics mindset, most people are apes – the very leftmost example in the image above.

When considering analytics, ‘apes’ are those who scratch the surface of what website analytics can do.   They look at basic data, think they understand what it actually means, and they don’t evolve.  Typical apes use Google Analytics and don’t dig deeper than the basic stuff – perhaps because it seems too complicated.

By the way, those who don’t use any form of analytics don’t even make it onto the scale – they’re amoeba.

One step up from apes are, well, more advanced apes.  These are the people who find out about the ability to identify companies that visit websites and think that nothing else matters.  Their comfort zone has been reached and as long as they see details of companies that visit their websites, then they’re happy not to evolve further.


What’s wrong with identifying companies and being happy with that?

So, if A1WebStats promotes itself as a system that helps businesses to identify the companies that go to their websites, then why would we be seemingly mocking those people who are happy with that?

We’re not actually mocking – identifying companies IS useful and definitely leads to more business being gained (when that data is used properly), but there are many people who have evolved into a form of ‘man’ who are living in their caves (businesses) and are using analytics data in a much more beneficial way.

These are the people who are equivalent to their ancestors who struck flints together to create sparks and fire.  These are the people who use systems like A1WebStats, Google Analytics, and others, to dig deeper into website visitor patterns … and then do something about patterns that they don’t like the look of.


“I just want to see which companies visit my website”

We hear that a lot – particularly from pre-trial subscribers, who we’re trying to convince that there is so much more potential from using analytics properly.

Keeping with the evolution of man message, let’s take two beings who are in competition with each other for the same type of business …

Ape/more advanced ape

Have 500 visitors to their website each month, can identify 100 of those as being from companies, and focus purely on them.  Without contacting anyone, they get 10 enquiries per month (2% of total visitors).

Man form

Have 500 visitors to their website each month, can identify 100 of those as being from companies, and capitalise on that information.  Without contacting anyone, they get 10 enquiries per month (2% of total visitors).

However, these people dig deeper into their website visitor patterns and find ways to make their websites and online marketing stronger.   Their 500 visitors start converting at a rate of 20 enquiries a month (4% of total visitors).  They keep going, always enquiring of their data and trying to raise their enquiries percentage.

These people ‘discover fire’ and stay warm, reaping the benefits of more business from their websites.  Their ape counterparts never move forwards and when the icy winds flow in, they get cold and their companies die.


And what about modern man in the image?

Very few people are at this point.  In fact, it’s a microscopic number compared to all those people who should know better within their job roles.  Using website analytics effectively (whatever system(s) you use) is still extremely immature, particularly within smaller companies.  We’re always pleased when our expertise (typically via a phone chat) helps our subscribers to change their mindset towards analytics, which leads to them getting much better results from their websites.


2 minutes – that’s all it takes

That’s right – we can log into any subscribers A1WebStats account and see (within 2 minutes maximum) where that business is losing opportunities.  The data just jumps out and hits us in the face.  But we’ve been doing this stuff for so many years now that we have an unfair advantage.

If you’re an A1WebStats subscriber (paid or trial) and would like to take advantage of our unfair advantage, then don’t be shy – let us know (yes, it’s free!) and we’ll provide you with the flints that will help you create a fire to keep your business cosy while others are swinging through the trees looking for their next meal.



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