What happens when your tracking code disappears

We sometimes get contacted by subscribers who report that they don’t have any data tracked over a certain time period.  In the majority of cases there has been a change with the website (e.g. website redevelopment work) and the tracking code hasn’t been inserted again afterwards.

No tracking code = no data to look at.


Making reports important enough

Most A1WebStats subscribers receive the daily companies reports, which keeps focus on who is visiting the website.  But people are human and humans get busy and it’s not uncommon for the daily reports to get ignored for days or weeks.

If those reports were habitually looked at every day then the sudden cessation of those reports would sound the alarm bells and that could lead to the realisation that the tracking code had been removed.

We feel that it’s a good idea to create an A1WebStats report that contains particular information that’s very interesting to you.  The sort of report that if it was missing you’d notice it.


Ideas for important reports

You could create daily reports that extract data based on many parameters but it’s got to be something that you really would notice as missing.  For example:

  • A report that shows you any visitors via PPC that went no further than the landing page (important because it keeps you focused on potential PPC wastage).
  • A report that shows you visitors who have got as far as your checkout page (if you don’t get that report then it means your site isn’t converting well, or your tracking code is missing).
  • A report that gives you details of any visitors who got as far as a ‘thanks’ type url (i.e. they filled in a form or bought something).  If it makes you smile each time you see an enquiry form filled in, then this will be important to you.
  • Another angle is to create a report that gets emailed to a sales person each day.  That could be a filtered version of the data that gives them just the information they are interested in.   If that sales person stops receiving their report then they’ll soon be in contact with you.

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