A1WebStats subscribers that are primarily interested in which companies/organisations visit their websites, treat their companies data in one of the following ways:

1. Very proactive, using all methods possible to contact each company.

2. Quite proactive, trying to contact companies, but giving up on many.

3. Fairly inactive, picking up on some clear opportunities but doing little else.

Change coming

There’s change coming and that comes in the form of outsourced sales people working in combination with their client companies.  For those who fit into categories 2 or 3 above, here’s how that would typically work:

  1. You tag your visiting companies as being customers or existing prospects, so that they can be clearly identified.
  2. You allow your outsourced sales person to receive a daily email from A1WebStats, showing them company visitors from the previous day.
  3. The sales person knows not to touch the ones tagged as customers or existing prospects and puts resources into trying to bridge the gap between you (the client) and the target (a relevant person within the company that visited).
  4. You gain the leads from the sales person, who you pay as agreed between you.

Methods of bridging the gap

Although you would have to be careful to ensure your brand integrity isn’t damaged, the sales person would use different methods to try and bridge the gap between you and the company that visited your website.  These would include:

  1. Phone
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Email
  4. Personal contacts

Who are these outsourced sales people?

They take many forms.  For example, they could be resources employed from websites such as www.commissioncrowd.com.  They could be a one-man-band who has set up purely to focus on generating leads for clients.  They could be a larger setup (e.g. an agency focused on lead generation).

We have even see subscribers set up white labelled versions of our system, who  get potential clients to install the tracking code and then work with the data to create a few free leads for those potential clients (which then leads to a proper paid arrangement).

What they all share in common is that they are working with data that is related to your own website – companies within which there is already someone ‘warm’ because they’ve been to your website.

Growth area

We predict that we’ll see a lot of growth in these “we’ll give you a few examples of our sales skills for free to prove our worth” type setups.  It’ll start to grow in 2014 and then accelerate thereafter.   The clever ones will give something for nothing initially (to demonstrate what they can do) and will keep their pricing at a fair level so that it’s a no-brainer to their clients.

The end result of all this is that the companies who either sell directly to the visitors who have been to their websites, or outsource the activity, will be those who prosper.  Those that don’t pay enough attention to it will start to see their competitors overtaking them.

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