We had a subscriber cancellation recently and it wasn’t for any of the following reasons:

1. Price

2. Not getting enough out of the data

3. Lack of customer service

No, it was due to the subscriber being too busy to capitalise on all the data/opportunities.

Too busy!

In this particular case, the subscriber was gaining details of around 40 companies visiting their website each day, including what pages those people looked at.

They understood that there are various methods they could use (to contact those companies) but simply didn’t have the resource to cope with any more enquiries.

What an amazing problem to have!

It is a problem though.  Their business is successful and they are ‘comfortable’ as things currently are.  It would be very easy to justify recruiting extra staff to deal with new business (based on 40 companies per day x 5 days per week, meaning huge amounts of potential revenues to be gained).

But they’re staying as they are for now.

Which is where the problem lies.

Let’s say that company had a competitor who was also using a system (A1WebStats or similar) to identify companies visiting their website.  That competitor decides that they’ll do everything possible to squeeze every bit of value out of their website visitors data, including contacting companies who visit.   They increase their revenues and grow further.  And grow.  And grow.

Eventually, that competitor  gets to the point where they have a lot more marketing muscle and effectively become bigger/more successful than the company who were ‘too busy’ to utilise their webstats data.

Then one day, the original company loses a contract to the competitor.  By then, it’s too late because they haven’t grown when they had the opportunity to.

Looking into the crystal ball a couple of years, being ‘too busy’ to fully utilise website visitors data will be the start of decline for many businesses (that will be overtaken by more proactive competitors).



  1. That’s insane, but certainly a great and extremely comfortable position for the business owner to be in.

    I’m sure he’ll change his mind, though, soon enough.

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