Every business gets to the end of each year and considers how they’ve evolved, which helps in planning the future.

Here at A1WebStats, 2013 has given us the privilege of insights into hundreds of company websites, via their data, often speaking with those businesses about their website strengths and weaknesses.

Something we’ve learnt is that, although our system enables businesses to gain more results from their websites, it’s the minority of subscribers who fully utilise what the system can do.

While we feel that we offer plenty of tutorial videos and are here to answer any questions about the system, the real benefits for subscribers are more apparent when we’re chatting through their data on the phone.   It’s during those discussions that we get the “I hadn’t thought of that” comments, when a subscriber picks up on something that will make their website more successful.

Throughout 2013 we have seen many businesses who have used our system (sometimes with our input) to identify website and online marketing weaknesses that, when rectified, lead to significantly stronger levels of enquiries and businesses.  This keeps us believing in our ethos, which is in providing a system that supplies obvious benefits (being able to identify companies that have visited a website), while giving subscribers the opportunity to dig deeper into website visitor patterns in order to benefit when opportunities for change are identified.

Yes, we have many subscribers who are solely interested in identifying companies that visited their website and that’s their prerogative if they are purely focusing on that.   But it’s those who want ‘more’ from their website visitors data who benefit the most.

Like any business, we seek to constantly improve our offering and one of our goals for 2014 is to ensure that all our paying and trial subscribers gain an increased awareness of where their websites and online marketing could be improved.  We will do this through an enhanced level of communication and interaction, which we have committed resources to.

What we predict is that in the coming year, more and more businesses will become aware that it’s possible to track details of companies that have visited their website, and there will be a much larger choice of providers of such services.

However, we’ll get to the point (maybe not within the next year though) that businesses will no longer think ‘companies tracking’ is something amazing and new (it’s not – it’s been around for many years) and the enlightened businesses will start to ask questions like:

“If these companies (and visitors in general) are coming to our website and not buying, then surely we should be focusing more on finding ways to convert them into enquiries/sales, rather than trying to contact them after they’ve been and gone?”

In answer to that question, A1WebStats is here to provide the answers that will gain you more success from your website.






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