All A1WebStats subscribers get a free 30 day trial and if they utilise the system fully, the benefits lead to a paid subscription.

Normally, people get close to the end of their trials before committing to paying but we’ve just witnessed a record because we’ve had a trial subscriber who chose to pay within 5 days of their trial start date.  That’s pleasing, not so much from the revenue generation angle, but from the fact that someone has found enough benefit in the system to commit at such an early stage.

What’s particularly interesting is that our system waits 2 weeks into the trial before it alerts people to the opportunity to pay, so this particular subscriber has dug into their account details to find a way to pay early on.

But what about the free 30 days?

You’d think that most people would get as much free as possible and so wait as long into the 30 days as possible (before paying).  And they do!  However, our system is set up so that anyone who pays within their 30 day trial automatically gets their next 30 days added onto their free days that are left.

Does this apply to you?

The nature of our business makes it possible to provide free trials and for the potential buyer to continue with the service at any stage during their trial.   Most of you reading this won’t have similar business models, but could the same principle apply to you and your business?

Whatever you potentially sell to someone (product or service), what could you and your website be doing to move that sale along faster?   A simple example would be to surround your product or service with related testimonials and case studies – which gives people more confidence that they can buy from you.  Similarly, if you’re having dialogue with someone who is a potential buyer, by referring them to your portfolio of case studies related to what they’re buying is going to encourage them along the path to purchase just that little bit quicker.

We like a challenge here at A1WebStats so feel free to contact us to discuss your products or services that you’d like to sell faster – we’d be happy (for free) to give you some telephone advice based on your website data and our insights into your website content.



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