In recent weeks, one of the biggest questions we’ve had is “why can’t A1WebStats show me the keyword phrases that people typed to find my website?”.

Our answer is always the same and (in a nice way) we say “Google have blocked it – you need a fresh perspective away from keywords”.

Yes, we still show keyword phrases that brought people to your website – as long as those phrases were from organic clicks outside Google, or from paid search.  So there is still useful data in there, but it shouldn’t be relied upon alone.

Since Google being kind enough to put website owners in the dark about keyword phrases used, we’ve updated our ‘Keywords’ video to help people look at the issue in a fresh light.

That video can be accessed by the link below:

The first few minutes of the video show you visual evidence of how keywords data has declined over a two year period, focusing on a website that has organic-only traffic.  If you have the time to look at that part then great, but if you’re pushed for time then skip forwards to 4 minutes 30 seconds, which focuses your attention on landing pages instead of keyword phrases.

For now (at least until Google decides to charge businesses to see such data via Google Analytics, which is sure to come in the months/years ahead), identifying keyword phrases that brought people to your website is going to be a challenge but with that challenge also comes the opportunity for you to use analytics in an alternative way that will benefit you.


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