You may wonder what that blog title has to do with website success, and in particular, the A1WebStats system.

Bear with me …

It was a cold and wet windy night in Maidstone, when we had finished our Entrepreneurs Circle meeting, hosted by the one and only Ian George.   Most people had gone home, except those who were drawn towards the hotel bar.

Cutting to the chase, the picture below depicts Ian’s Audi A6 just after the arrival of the RAC man













Ian had achieved something quite unique – filling the Audi boot up with boxes and somehow, at the same time, dropping his keys into the boot before shutting.   We’re not sure exactly how (possibly a button being pressed by a box), but the car deadlocked.

After the initial amusement to all, Ian called for help.  Many miles from home, and unable to get into his house anyway (his house keys being on the same bunch as the car key), there started the wait for the RAC man to arrive.

After arrival there was several hours of attempts to get into the car with various rods combined with immense patience.   Efforts were not helped by the fact that the only solution was to somehow get to the boot area, which was blocked by boxes on the back seat.

Much effort later (meaning: hours), the RAC man had got the boxes on the back seat forwards enough to pull down the back seats a bit …

… to be greeted by two big heavy boxes that somehow needed to be moved.   A surgeon would have had an easier job on a complex operation!

At this point I contemplated including the video footage taken over the hours but it was hard to find bits that had little swearing in them.  For those that know Ian though, I can, of course, be persuaded to share.

So there we were, eventually at nearly 1am, an expensive car, normally capable of a good and comfortable ride, but totally useless to the owner, who was beginning to get deflated (which is rare).

Here’s where the website success references come in …

  • A company website can be quite an expense, as was the car.
  • A company website that works to expectations, provides a useful output.  As does a car.
  • A company website that has someone fiddling about with it, with inadequate knowledge or tools, is not going to provide the best result.  A deadlocked Audi A6 with an RAC man trying to get a result with various rods, did not achieve results.

This is something we see all the time: websites that have cost companies good money but aren’t going anywhere (like the Audi).  We see people who (often with good intentions) try various things to get more results from the website but ultimately aren’t equipped with what’s needed.

In our view, website owners need to use the best tools to fully understand where websites have opportunities to improve.  Those tools help to unlock the potential of the website to thrive.  And of course, one such tool is A1WebStats.

Back to the Audi A6 with the keys locked in the boot, the answer came in the form of smashing a window, climbing in, and retrieving the keys, that would let the car come back to life and fulfil its full potential.

A1WebStats acts like that smashed window – when used properly, it cuts straight to the meat of website problems so that they can be addressed quickly and effectively.

As for the poor RAC man – he’d only ever been beaten (without resorting to smashing) by one car before and this was his number two.  It became a matter of pride but however much he tried with the tools available, they weren’t good enough.  This is much like people in companies plodding away with websites, unable to make them get the best results.   Being empowered with the right answer though (for the car: smashing the window; for the company website: A1WebStats) leads to success.

Do you have an ‘Audi A6 with keys locked in the boot’ of a website?   Please do feel to speak to us – we’re happy to give some free advice, and to back that up with evidence as shown through website statistics data.


  1. Opening the locked doors is a snap, and from there you can pull down the back seat to access the trunk (boot).

    2 wire hangers, a good set of pliers with wire cutter, and two plastic wedges (windshield scrapers will do)

    Use one wedge in the upper corner of a front door to pry it open a bit (pull the weather seal out as far as possible first). Use the second wedge, forward of the first, to further pry the door open. Keep working both wedges until you have enough space to easily maneuver a coat hanger through. Leave one wedge in the door, about halfway from front to back.

    Use the wire cutter pliers to straighten the hangers and fashion a downward and slightly inward and backward hook in one hanger, and a loop in the other.

    Use the first hanger to hook the door latch from the top, and pull it back until the tip of the latch clears the door panel, then anchor it to the wedge so the latch stays slightly pulled open. It will take a few tries. Use the second hanger with the loop to hook the latch and pull it back until the door lock pops up, then release it and pull it back again. The door will open. Grab your keys and you’re good to go.

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