The number of companies offering website analytics solutions is growing all the time.  While most people recognise Google Analytics, relatively low numbers of people are aware of alternatives, of which here are a few (in alphabetical order) …

  • A1WebStats
  • Lead Forensics
  • Leads Explorer
  • WOW Analytics

While all systems differ in terms of functionality, there is one factor that’s particularly important to consider:

How many visitors can be tracked within the monthly fee charged?

The price of data

Data related to website visitors, particularly data that’s been refined into something that makes sense to people, isn’t hugely expensive but at the same time, it’s not free.   Granted, anyone with a bit of knowledge could find out more about their website visitors but it’s generally considered to be hard work in comparison to the various website analytics solutions on offer.

In short, if it doesn’t cost too much to get such website visitors data, then it’s probably worth it.

It also depends on what type of data is gained.  While some people are happy with having the company name, url, and phone number, others may want full address details.

Many people want more than purely being able to identify the basic information.  They may want to look deeper into how that visitor interacted with the website, whether they’d been to the website before, and more.    They may also want to do more with the data – for example, edit with their own comments and email onto a colleague.

Ultimately, it’s not a case of there being a price for the data itself, but there being a price for the whole package being offered, which includes the data and how it can be used in various ways.

But what about limitations?

We often get people asking us what the limitations are on the numbers of visitors that can be tracked (per month) within A1WebStats.   The reason they’re asking is because they’ve been quoted prices (from other analytics software suppliers) that are based on a certain number of visitors.

For example, someone was being quoted over £100 per month just to have access to a maximum of 1,000 visitors.  That may work out at very little cost per visitor in reality, but for businesses that have higher levels of website visitors it can get costly.

The purpose of this blog is, when researching a supplier of website visitors data, for you to ask the question:

How many visitors can I have tracked per month, and for what price?

… and then make sure there’s documentary proof of that!

At A1WebStats we keep it very simple – all subscribers, regardless of level of subscription, can track up to 10,000 visitors per month.   Before you get your calculator out, that’s very cost-effective!  That includes access to all information related to each visitor.

One of the reasons that we give a free 30 day trial is because it gives people a chance to see exactly what they’d get if they carried on to pay after the trial.   In 99% of cases, our subscribers all fit within the standard 10,000 visitors per month and for the rare 1% there are easy and cost-effective ways to keep full access to the data.

So the takeaway from this is to first of all have an idea of your typical number of monthly website visitors (Google Analytics will show you that) so that you can ask relevant questions when considering a supplier such as A1WebStats or other companies that provide similar systems.

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