Sometimes, when we try to encourage people to spend time on digging through their A1WebStats data, we get the response:

“I don’t have time for that”

One of the recommendations we have is for subscribers to log in every day and skim through all visitor paths for the previous day.  For most subscribers that’d take roughly 5 minutes (longer if taking action/digging deeper).  In fact, we created a video that takes you through that exact process: see the video.

In our view, there’s a huge weakness that limits the success of business, regardless of business sector.  That weakness is:

Typing speed


What do you mean ‘Typing speed’?

Think about it:

You have X hours in your working day.

X amount of that time you will be at a keyboard.

By the end of each day you will have typed a certain number of characters/words/sentences.

If your typing speed was faster then the keyboard work would be done faster.

If the keyboard work is done faster then you have more time for other activities.

Whether it’s spending more time on your website visitors data (which helps you to better understand your visitors, and therefore make positive changes to your website and online marketing, which leads to more business), or something else (e.g. calling people, making your products or services better, analysing your competitors), the key point is:

If you have more time then you can gain more business.

Therefore, to get more time, learn to type faster.

So, if the words “I don’t have time for that” come out of your mouth from time to time then hopefully this small productivity tip is useful.

And of course, if you do improve your typing speed, do feel free to use some of that spare time to analyse your webstats in more detail – it’ll certainly pay off.

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