Many people become obsessed with raising Google positioning through the use of backlinks.   That’s valid of course but to the everyday ‘normal’ company (i.e. those who don’t have tons of time or budget to focus on SEO), there are some easier ways to get traffic.

This isn’t meant to be a detailed lesson in SEO (because there are many factors to consider) but instead is a quick guide to what can be achieved through creating relevant website content.  Here we are using our own website data as an example.

There are a few pages in the A1WebStats website that focus on the subject of identifying details of visitors (including company names) to your website.   Two of those pages are:

Those pages have no backlinking strategy – they are purely content related to being able to identify visitors to the website.  People have searched (and found those pages in Google) using phrases such as:

  • How can I find out who has visited my website
  • How to see which company has visited my website
  • Can you see who has visited your website

… and many more

If you click on the link below you’ll see a report that we’ve extracted, showing just a sample of these types of searches that led to website visibility.   It will benefit you to scan through each visitor path, looking in particular at the keyword phrases the people typed, noting how they are all quite similar and fit within the same theme of interest to those searchers …

There were some other records within the data analysis period but we had to remove those because they contained details of companies who signed up for the free 30 day trial.  The fact that they signed up though tells you that spending a bit of time on writing website content that gains Google visibility is good for business.

We’re not saying that we’re top of Google for the various phrases typed – purely that it’s possible to get Google positioning for certain types of keyword phrases and themes.  The key here is to think ‘niche’ when creating pages and blog posts within your website.

So we advise you to think about your own business.  What page of content or blog could you create that’s focused on a particular type of keyword phrase that your potential customers could be searching for in Google?

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