We’ve heard many people say words to the effect of “Facebook advertising was just a waste of money”.

They had set up advertising campaigns that targeted certain demographics of people, set a budget and let it rip.   Days or weeks later they’ve spent money but the results were poor.

Therefore, it must be the fault of Facebook.   Or is it?

What if the website that the clicks go through to was at fault?

Unfortunately, most people who use Facebook advertising don’t realise that there is software available that lets them see what happened to those people who clicked through to their website from the Facebook adverts.

As an example, the screenshot below shows a couple of unique visitors (out of many) who came in from a Facebook advert promoting job vacancies …

It took 5 seconds to ask the A1WebStats system to select all visitors from Facebook and then display the visitor paths for each of them.

What takes a bit more time is looking through the data to get a feel for how people navigated through the website.  Then questions can be asked, such as:

“Why did people go from page to page but not look at specific jobs?”

By having a strong website visitors analysis system in place (whatever system is used), Facebook advertising can be set up and run for a short period of time (just enough to generate statistically useful data) and then the visitor paths can be analysed.  If website problems are identified then they can be fixed, followed by another test run.  Eventually, the conversions from Facebook clicks improve and there becomes more logic behind spending more money on such advertising.

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