If your company has website pages that profile staff, particularly staff responsible for certain parts of the business, A1WebStats can be useful to help you capitalise on opportunities that may be missed without using analytics to pick up on them.

In the screenshot below we’ve taken a firm of barristers and have taken their complete list of pages viewed within the past month, filtering it so that we see only details related to one of the barristers.  This shows that during the month, their profile page had been viewed 97 times …

The only person that’s going to be fully interested in who has been looking at their profile page is the person themselves.  This is for any number of reasons including:

  1. They may be interested in people from within companies that have looked at their profile page.
  2. They may be generally interested in the numbers of people who view their page.
  3. They may be vain (yes, it happens!).

Taking the example from the screenshot above, A1WebStats allows you to look at each individual visitor who looked at the profile page.  The screenshot below shows an example of this, showing that someone from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme had searched for the barrister by name, landed on their website profile page and then looked at other pages within the website …

You can also see in the screenshot above that the visiting company had been to the website 48 days beforehand and it’s possible to dig deeper into the previous visit(s), as you can see from the screenshot below …

When individual people within businesses start to look at the types of visits they’ve had to their profile pages, it gives them the opportunity to consider what the relevance of that visit was.  Could they be a potential client?  Were they a competitor?  Were they an existing client?

If someone within the business was trying to analyse the types of visitors going to individual staff pages then it’s highly unlikely that they’ll pick out anything of significance.  However, if the staff themselves look through such information then they’re much more likely to understand the connection between the website visitors (including companies that can be identified) and themselves.

And when you understand such connections, useful actions can often follow.

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