That’s a fairly common question people ask.  They have a PPC campaign and they want to get a deeper insight into those visitors that came in from their PPC campaign.

They could use Google Analytics to do that – it would give basic numbers of people and a tiny bit more information.  But the level of detail it could give would be poor.  What real people in business are more interested in is how individual people interacted with the website, having clicked through from the PPC clicks that are costing them money.

Within A1WebStats we present this within the Referrers report.  Below you can see a screenshot showing, in the Source column, visitors that came from Google PPC, and how many there were …

So, it shows that 600 people came via PPC, another 231 came via PPC, and 77 came via PPC.

If you wanted to dig deeper into each of those visitors you’d tick one or more of the boxes where PPC is shown as the source and would generate a report.  If you click on the link below it shows you each of the 77 people who used and clicked on a PPC advert to find the website.  For each visitor you can see exactly how they interacted with the website …

It’s that easy!

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