Last week we presented at an ecommerce conference.  Our subject was ‘Interpreting website visitors data’, which raised an interesting point – several times.

Our talk was about how companies need to be looking closely at how individual website visitors interact with their website pages.   As part of demonstrating the points made, we used A1WebStats to show a few examples.  The intention was to raise the audience mindset beyond “we have Google Analytics and that’s enough”.   We achieved that, but not in quite the way planned.

We’ve always assumed that most companies would use A1WebStats to identify areas of website weaknesses, and would then instigate beneficial website changes.   Many companies do just that.  However, after our conference talk we chatted to several people, who wanted to know more.   Out of those conversations came a surprising outcome – most of the people felt that the webstats data alone wouldn’t help them enough but that they’d need help interpreting it.

That raises a sticky issue.  Interpretation of data adds on extra cost (if using us to do that within our Platinum subscription offering).  But that didn’t seem to bother people much – the hand-holding and guaranteed results from the higher level subscription seemed to be enough.

It made us realise that although we take it for granted that we can look at website visitors data, combined with looking at the website itself, and can quickly identify areas of concern, many of our potential customers don’t think in the same way and so may need hand holding.   The Platinum subscription was never intended to be a big seller because we assumed most people would be happy to interpret their own website visitors data.   In hindsight though, a customer who is spending ages trying to interpret their website visitors data is a customer that’s not getting on with other tasks that feel more natural to them.   In such scenarios, perhaps interest in the Platinum level subscription could be considerably larger than we initially expected.


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