Platinum Package

A1WebStats Platinum

After your 30 day free trial you can decide whether to keep your Gold package (see pricing) or downgrade to the free Bronze package. You can also optionally upgrade to this Platinum package.

All packages have no contracts, so you are free to cancel at any time by logging into your account and selecting the option to cancel.  You can also (via your account) upgrade to, or downgrade from, the Platinum package at any time.


The difference between Platinum and Gold

The only difference between Platinum and Gold is that Platinum has a higher cost (£99 + VAT per month) but for that increase in price you also gain access to our expertise once a month for 30 minutes on the phone.

As part of your 30 day free trial you may have already gained insights into our expertise, providing free information to you as part of the phone call offered.   If you benefited from that and saw that we’re passionate about companies getting the best results from their website, then you may want more of the same on a monthly basis.

The sole objective of the Platinum package phone calls are for you to gain insights into your website effectiveness (as proven by the data within the A1WebStats system), plus recommendations of actions to take in the following weeks, which will lead to stronger results from your website visitors.  This often includes strategic advice related to search engine optimisation, PPC advertising, and other methods used to drive traffic to your website.

Our expertise has been built over many years working with business websites at a strategic level covering the strengths and weaknesses of the websites themselves plus weaknesses in the ways that those websites are or aren’t promoted online.

In short, we know what makes websites work (or not work) and the Platinum package helps us to share that knowledge, backed up by statistical data.

In basic terms, a Platinum subscriber is looking for enough consultancy advice, backed up by what the A1WebStats data tells us, in order to make positive website changes as a result of the consultancy.



We want you to feel totally confident that A1WebStats is going to help your business. That’s why we offer our guarantee.

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