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A1WebStats Gold

All new subscribers begin with a free 30 day trial to the Gold package.

Payment details are not required for the trial.  We do this so that you can benefit from the added features of Gold for free.

After your 30 day free trial you can decide whether to keep your Gold package (see pricing) or downgrade to the free Bronze package.  You can also optionally upgrade to the Platinum package.

All packages have no long term contracts so you are free to cancel at any time by logging into your account and selecting the option to cancel.

Functionality within the Gold package

During your free 30 day trial we offer the opportunity to telephone run through your data and the A1WebStats system in more detail, so that you get maximum benefits.  The main uses of the Gold package allow you to do all the following and more …

Companies visiting your website

Which companies visited and on which dates and times?  How did they find your website?  Which pages did they look at?  Had they been to your website before?   All this information and more can be seen within the visiting companies functionality.
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Common visitor paths

Are there certain routes people are taking through your website that are clearly a problem?  For example, if 100 people land on your widgets page and go no further, that may need analysing in more detail.  Another example could be 100 people landing on your home page, then going to your widgets page, and going no further.   Common visitor paths helps you to identify significant blockages within your website.
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Visited pages

If you have pages in your website that are visited frequently then it would be useful to compare those numbers of visits to the enquiries you gained related to those visits.   For example, if your red widgets page had 100 visits but no-one enquired about red widgets then you’d want to dig deeper into all those people who visited that page as part of their website visit.
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Entry pages

With it increasingly harder to identify the keyword phrases that brought people into your website, the next best option is to analyse the entry (landing) pages that brought people to you.   For example, if 100 people land on your red widgets page but few make contact about red widgets, then that may be something to analyse in more depth.
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Keyword phrases

Unfortunately, since Google changes, this feature doesn’t have as much value.  However, it will give you insights into keywords used by searchers within Google Adwords or other websites outside of Google search.
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Want to know which websites referred traffic into yours?   For example, Google UK organic search, Google Adwords, online directories, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.   All this information can be found within the Referrers functionality.
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Visitor Countries

Whether you sell internationally or not, it should be of interest to analyse what number and percentage of your visitors come from different countries – and then to dig deeper into how each of those visitors interacted with your website.   For example, if you want to know how the 34 visitors from Germany interacted with your website?  That’s what the Visitor countries functionality can provide.
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Analysing ROI from Google Adwords visitors

Do you want to see the exact keyword phrase that Adwords visitors used (instead of what Adwords implies they used), and how those people interacted with your website page by page?   Do you also want to know how many of your Adwords clicks went no further than the page they landed on?
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Advanced filtering of data

This function allows you to create customised views of your data so that you can focus on just the information that’s important to you.
For example, if you wanted to filter several weeks data by all those people from the UK, who were from identifiable companies, and who looked at both the red widgets and the contact page of your website, then you can do that with advanced filtering.

Automated email reports

If you have certain types of data that you want to be automatically run as reports and emailed to anyone you want to (but those people don’t have to be logged into your account to see the data), then you can do that.
For example, you can create a report that runs daily or weekly, that emails your colleague whenever identifiable companies have visited a certain section of your website.



We want you to feel totally confident that A1WebStats is going to help your business. That’s why we offer our guarantee.

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The best way to find out the benefits of the Gold package is to use the free trial.   You can get further insights into everything the system can do by looking at our video tutorials and can also contact us with any questions you may have – we’re here to help.


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