Bronze Package

A1Webstats Bronze

The Bronze package is available if you have taken the free 30 day trial to the Gold package and haven’t been tempted to pay the fees for the Gold or Platinum packages.  You may just want the most basic of website visitors information, which is what Bronze gives you for free.

What do you lose by downgrading to Bronze?

Bronze level is free and free is always tempting.

However, there are huge differences between staying on the benefits of Gold or downgrading to Bronze, so it’s only fair to highlight those differences.


On Bronze you don’t get:

  • Daily emails showing you details of companies that have visited your website.
  • The ability to set up customised reports that can be emailed to you or anyone else.
  • Anything more than very basic details of companies who have visited – just the basic company name, country, and last visit date.  Nor the ability to tick the boxes to drill down into each company visitor.  The screenshots below show the Bronze view, followed by the Gold view.

Companies View on Bronze Subscription

Companies View Bronze

Companies View on Gold Subscription

Companies View Gold

On Bronze you also don’t get:

  • Details of individual visitor paths.   So, views like this below, in which you can drill down into the detail of how each visitor interacted with your website … aren’t possible with Bronze …

Individual Paths Gold

Finally, here’s more that you don’t get on Bronze:

  • History of more than 30 days.  We reserve the right to remove the website visitors history older than 30 days for Bronze accounts.
  • Unlimited data recorded.  We reserve the right to restrict the number of visitors that we track.


If you wouldn’t miss the functionality above then after your free trial expires, then Bronze level would be fine for you.  However, if you then realised that you needed to change to Gold again, then you would need to contact us within the first month to ensure that your historical data is retained.

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