What A1WebStats Gives You

A1WebStats is a piece of code that’s installed on every page of your website and that tracks how visitors move through your website.  Depending on your level of subscription you can benefit in different ways.

Gold Package >>

This is the package you get for your free 30 day trial.

The website visitors information you get includes names of companies, phone number, website address, and automatic daily, weekly or monthly emailed reports.  It also includes numerous other functions that will help you better understand your website visitors so that you can implement beneficial changes.

The Gold package is free for 30 days then £49 + VAT per month if continuing.  See more details of what the Gold package gives you.


Bronze Package >>

Basic level information. If choosing not to pay after your free trial period, a Bronze package is available to you. £Free.  See more details of what the Bronze package gives you.


Platinum Package >>

This is the same as the Gold Package but with the addition of telephone consultancy once a month.

Available only after your free trial, this is priced at £64.16 + VAT per month. See more details of what the Platinum package gives you.


Identifying Companies Visiting Your Website.

We make it easy for you to see what companies are visiting your website as well as the keywords used to find your website, where they were referred from and what pages they have looked at.



You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.

Best of all, we give you the first 30 days of Gold subscription for free.  No card details or gimmicks – just access to website visitors information that we guarantee will change the way you look at your website and online marketing.

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