Is A1WebStats Right For You?

Individual Website Visitors Interaction

The vast majority of companies don’t analyse how individual website visitors interact with their websites. They invest in marketing but don’t properly analyse how effective their website is as part of the sales process.

Powerful Software

While A1WebStats is powerful software, it’s only useful if you’re going to make use of the information it gives you.

  • The names of companies/organisations that have visited your website.
  • What they typed to find you (if using a search engine).
  • Whether they came from another website (e.g. a link on a directory).
  • Each page they viewed on your website, and for how long on each page.

Companies view example…


If you’re going to collect such information but aren’t going to act on it then there’s not much point using A1WebStats. However, if you’re going to look at the information provided, ask yourself the following questions (and more), and then take action, then A1WebStats is definitely right for you …

  • Why do people come into our website and get no further than certain pages?
  • How can we identify and then best communicate back to companies that have visited our website, but who haven’t made contact with us, now that we know who they were and what they were looking at?
  • Why do we get website visitors who have typed certain phrases, but the phrases aren’t relevant to our business?

If you work within a proactive company, that is likely to have companies visiting your website, and you’re going to act on the information that A1WebStats can give you, then read on to our guide to Making A1WebStats work for you.