Visitor Countries

See which countries your website visitors came from

If your business wants to attract buyers from outside your home country then the Visitor Countries functionality can give you some insights into where your traffic is coming from.

You will already know the geographical locations of those who buy from you but what’s maybe of more interest is to identify those visitors from countries that didn’t lead to sales.

First, you choose a date range of interest.  Then you select the Visitor Countries function and you will see a list of countries and the numbers of people that have visited your website from those countries.   You can see an example in the screenshot below …

Using that example above, you could be interested in visitors from Germany and Canada so you tick those boxes as shown in the screenshot below …

By then clicking on the Create Report button you will see a report showing how each visitor from those countries interacted with your website.  Looking through that report you may be interested in particular visitors and how they interacted with your website.  The screenshot example below shows the type of information that you’re probably most interested in …

The key benefits of being able to analyse visitors from individual countries are so that you can:

  • Compare sales/enquiries from other countries to the numbers of visitors from those countries.  This could lead to website changes that will encourage those international visitors to buy from you.
  • Pick up on missed opportunities.  If you see international companies looking at certain pages of your website, but they haven’t made contact, then there may still be something to be salvaged if you find a way to make contact with relevant people within those companies.

We deliberately make A1WebStats free for the first 30 days so that you can test the water and see, amongst other information,  what visitors you’re getting from other countries and how they interact with your website pages.

The Countries reporting functionality is just one feature within A1WebStats.  Sign up below for your free 30 day Gold subscription trial.

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