What other websites brought visitors to your website?

Apart from search engines, where does your other website traffic come from and how do those then people interact with your website? A1WebStats makes this easy to see.

First, you choose a date range of interest.  Then you select the Referrers function, which will show you a list of website pages that have resulted in visitors clicking through to your website.   By selecting tick boxes, as shown in the screenshot below, you can dig deeper into how those particular visitors interacted with your website …

Click on the Create Report button and you will be shown a report detailing each visitor who came from the referring page(s) of interest.   In the screenshot above we selected just one referring website and the screenshot below provides a small sample of the report showing two of the 10 visitors who came from that website …

Looking through all the people who come in from other websites, some will be identifiable and if they didn’t make contact with you then you have the opportunity to make contact with them.   The screenshot below shows an example of a website that was visited via their listing on …

The key benefits of being able to identify individual visitors from referring website pages are so that you can:

  • Analyse what return on investment you’re getting from advertising on other websites.  For example, you may think that paying for a listing within an online directory isn’t getting you results but it may not be the fault of the directory – it could be your website that’s not strong enough to convert initial interest into enquiries and sales.
  • Dig deeper into other websites that link into your website.  There may be opportunities to link people into more specific (than the home page) sub-pages of your website (which makes it easier for the potential buyer).  There may also be enhancements needed to your presence on those external websites, so that you attract the right types of clicks.

We deliberately make A1WebStats free for the first 30 days so that you can test the water and see, amongst other functionality, what websites bring visitors to your website, and how they interact with your website pages.

The Referrers reporting functionality is just one feature within A1WebStats.  Sign up below for your free 30 day Gold subscription trial.

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