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Quick View in 10 seconds

Whatever view of your visitors data you’re looking at, Quick View lets you quickly view the particular time periods of today, yesterday, last 7 days, this month, and last month.

Quick View in detail

Whatever type of A1WebStats functionality you’re using, you may want to gain a quick view of key periods in time.   The Quick View pull-down allows you to view data for the following time periods …

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 Days
  • This Month
  • Last Month

As an example, the screenshot below shows that the initial interest is in visited pages for all of a month …

However, you may have been promoting your business in some way and want to see what impact that’s had over the previous day.   You select Yesterday from the Quick View pull-down, which gives you a refined view of that same visited pages data …

Users of A1WebStats tend to use the Quick View facility mostly in three ways …


Linking enquiries/sales to data

Take your records of enquiries/sales gained in the previous day and look at the Visitor Details report data (for yesterday) to link enquiries up to what brought those people to the website.  By looking through the visitors from the previous day and finding the time of enquiry/sale you can link the success back to what made that possible.

Linking enquiries/conversations to data

By selecting ‘Today’ from the Quick View pull-down, while viewing the Visitor Details report, you will see your most recent website visitor.  If you’re on the phone to that person you will have insights into which website pages they’ve been viewing.  If you’ve been asked to get back in contact with someone who’s made an enquiry you can look at the ‘Today’ view from the Quick View pull-down to get further insights into how that person interacted with the website, so that you can appropriately package your response to them when you contact them back.

Identifying opportunities to capitalise on

If a company has visited your website in the previous day then there’s still a chance to try and salvage a visit that didn’t lead to an enquiry.  By using ‘Yesterday’ from the Quick View pull-down, when viewing the Organisations data you will quickly be able to identify visiting companies, see what they were interested in, and then make contact with them.



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