Entry and Exit Pages

See which pages visitors entered on and from which pages they exited

The first and last pages that a potential customer visits on your website are important to the overall sale or contact that this visitor may or may not make.

Using this software you will see over a short period of time how your visitors interact with the website.  If you have one particular page that is displayed more than others in the exit page report then it’s likely that the visitor has not found what they were looking for and may look elsewhere for similar products or services.

An example of an entry page report looks like:

Entry Pages Example

In the example above, the report shows that the first page for 208 people was the home page.

An example of an exit page report looks like:

Exit Pages Example

In the example above, you will see that the top exit page is the home page.  The next top exit page is the screenshots page.  Using data from these reports it is possible to drill down into the individual visitors that visited these pages and then to make informed discussions as to why the customer has left this page without going on to a further page or ultimately to make contact in some way.

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