Identify Visiting Companies

Gain insights into companies visiting your website

Do you get visitors to your website but don’t know what companies/organisations they were from, or how they interacted with your website?

A1WebStats makes it easy to discover what companies visit your website and to illustrate this, we thought it would be best to show you a video. Also see some live data of companies visiting our subscribers.

  • Want to know which companies/organisations visited your website yesterday?  Easy!
  • Want to know which companies/organisations visited your website today?  Easy!
  • Want to know which companies/organisations visited your website within any time period you’re interested in?  Easy!

First, you choose a date range of interest.  Then you tick the boxes next to organisations that you’re interested in, as shown in the screenshot below …

Visiting companies screenshot 1

You then click the button to ‘Create Report’ and you see details of each visiting company/organisation and how they interacted with your website during that time period.  These are presented all within one report …


For each visiting organisation we see full details of how they interacted with your website.  The screenshot below shows you the type of information that you’re probably most interested in …

The key benefits of being able to identify visiting companies/organisations are so that you can:

  • Respond more appropriately to companies/organisations that have contacted you.  If someone makes contact at a certain date and time then you can look at their website visit, get a clearer picture of what they looked at, and package your response to them accordingly.
  • Identify which forms of marketing are working best for you.  For example, if a company has made contact and you can link their website visit back to a certain form of marketing (e.g. Google Adwords advertising) then it starts to prove where the return on marketing investment is coming from.
  • Contact companies/organisations that you know visited, but who didn’t make contact, having been able to identify what they were interested in.
  • Be aware of possible weaknesses in your website.  If different companies are visiting your website, who are potentially buyers, but they don’t make contact, then it could be that some aspects of your website are underperforming.
  • Identify existing customers who have visited your website and decide how useful that information is to you.
  • See when your competitors have been visiting and what they looked at.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you identify ALL companies/organisations that visited?

Identification is only possible when those companies/organisations have their internet presence configured so that they can be identified in some way.

As an example, a small company could work from home but could only be identified as ‘Sky Broadband’.  Another company could work from serviced offices and so may only be identified as a visitor from those serviced offices.

Depending on the business sector, it’s typical to be able to identify the companies/organisations of between 20-40% of all website visitors.

We deliberately make A1WebStats free for the first 30 days so that you can test the water and see what types of companies/organisations are identified as having visited your website, and how they interacted with your website.

Is it legal to track the movements of visiting companies/organisations?

Yes, it’s fully legal.  The system purely tracks the company/organisation, not individual people.  Admittedly, some companies/organisations may feel as if they’re being spied on if contact is made, referring to their visit to your website, but there are ways to package such communication in a non-threatening way.  Ask us – we’ll be happy to advise on this.

Systems such as Google Analytics won’t easily allow you to see details of visiting companies/organisations, nor how each visitor interacts with the website.  We think that’s inherently flawed and we have views on why Google won’t allow companies to get better insights into website visitors (ask us and we’ll share those views with you).

What’s the use of being able to identify an organisation if it’s of a size that would make it really hard to identify the person who actually visited my website?

This is a perfectly valid question that deserves a few answers, using the hypothetical example of ABC Ltd, who has visited your website interested in widgets, who didn’t make contact, and you don’t know who that person was.  Some of your options are:

  1. Use LinkedIn to find how you’re linked to someone of relevance within ABC Ltd and then make the connection either via the connecting people or via LinkedIn groups that those people are part of.
  2. Use Twitter to see whether any of your followers are connected to that company.
  3. Pick up the phone and ask to be put through to the person responsible for buying widgets.  If you get through to them, explain that you’re a proactive company who identifies visitors to your website, and you’d value their views on whether your website gave them what they were looking for.  Chances are that something wasn’t quite what they wanted, but you do actually offer it – that phone call could salvage a potential sale that would otherwise have been lost.
  4. Find a route into ABC Ltd so that you can potentially gain business from them in the future.  You may put them on an email marketing or postal mailing list.  You may put them onto a ‘watch’ list, looking out for opportunities to meet someone from that company in the future (either online or offline).

Do you have any other questions about how the companies/organisations reporting within A1WebStats could be used?   Simply contact us – we’ll be happy to advise you.

The Companies reporting functionality is just one feature within A1WebStats.  Sign up below for your free 30 day Gold subscription trial.

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