A1WebStats Key Features

Do you want to know more about your website visitors?  Company name, phone number, website URL?  Every page they viewed?  More?

All this and more will be answered below …

Key features on offer within A1WebStats …

Companies visiting your website

Particularly important if you’re selling B2B, this feature shows you which companies/organisations that have visited, what they typed to find your website, which website pages they looked at, and for how long on each page.  This is the feature that most A1WebStats users are interested in.
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Keyword phrases and who typed them

What keyword phrases did people type to find your website and how did they navigate through your website pages?  When identifiable, what companies/organisations were those people from?
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Visited pages

If you’re interested in how website visitors interact with individual pages within your website, then this feature is useful for you.  Identify a website page of interest, tick the box and see details of each individual visitor who viewed that page during their visit.  Details available include search keyword phrases, names of companies/organisations who visited, and how long they spent on each page.
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What other website pages provide links into pages within your website?  If you have a presence on other websites then it will be of interest to see details of who clicks through from those other websites.  Information available to you includes search keyword phrases, names of companies/organisations who visited, and how long they spent on each page.
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Common visitor paths

If many people take a certain path through your website pages but don’t make contact with you then you’d be interested in seeing those common visitor paths because they could highlight parts of the website (or the way you market the website) that need refinements.
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Entry & Exit pages

In some circumstances there’s benefit in getting further insights into the numbers of people entering and exiting your website via certain pages.
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Visitor Countries

If you’re selling internationally then it’ll interest you to gain insights into which countries your potential buyers are visiting from.
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Quick View

Today, yesterday, last week, this month, or last month, you want a quick way to view the website visitors data of most interest to you.
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Each A1WebStats feature works in a similar way, following 3 simple steps …

  1. Select the date range you’re interested in.
  2. Choose the type of report and see the initial view of information.
  3. Dig deeper into data that’s of particular interest.

As an example, if you’re interested in which companies have visited your website then you would:

  1. Select the date range of interest.
  2. Choose the Organisations report to see a list of organisations that have visited.
  3. Select tick boxes alongside visiting organisations that you want to find out more about and then analyse how each visiting organisation interacted with your website.